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Anil Kapoor: From the First Shot 33 years Ago in 1986 and now, You all Make Us what we Are!

Anil Kapoor

The first quarter of 2019 gave us some big bollywood hits to binge on with endless popcorns. There was some good amount of wholesome entertainment which gave us a serious mental war of choosing the best ones. Blockbuster hits like Total Dhamaal, Gully Boy, Manikarnika, Kesari and Uri gave a good run in box office wise. Every hit gave us something or the other that blown our mind away. Some impressed us with impeccable acting skills, some with their screen presence left us speechless, some had mesmerizing music and some had beautiful setting. Picking a favourite is a tough job indeed. The year had just begun and it already filled our plates with some amazing blockbuster hits.

The iconic Jodi, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit

The film buff that remains inside all of us takes note of every stage presence, every detail, and every twist of the films. The film buff inside us notes down every note worthy milestones so to know beforehand where to tip the hat off. Thanks #BLBestOf3 polls for which we invited the fans to vote on their favourite stars in terms of best actor, best actress, beat dialogue, best Jodi and since then the fans seemed raining love. The winner Jodi that is selected by most is none other than Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor from Total Dhamaal. This iconic couple seems like still leaving their marks on both young and old hearts. The face of Bollywood might have changed from their times but fans love for the iconic Jodi has not changed.

The iconic Jodi, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit

Total Dhamaal

It was heart warming to see the duo back again on the screen sharing such humorous punch in the multi starrer comedy film ‘Total Dhamaal’. This massy comic caper story gives a new angle to the pair Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. The duo was seen playing the role of a married couple where they are heading for a divorce, before some unpredictable series of events helped their relationship to come together again. Heavy crowd was seen packed in to see this iconic couple on screen after decades and thus explains the poll result of where they became the best Jodi with 33 per cent. Anil Kapoor who is going younger day by day feels overwhelmed with the love he got from the fans. He takes it to the twitter to thank all his fans for showering so much love on them since the year 1986.

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