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All you need to know about Anand Ahuja – To be hubby of Sonam Kapoor.

Anand Ahuja - To be hubby of Sonam Kapoor
Anand Ahuja - To be hubby of Sonam Kapoor

Yes it is official and we can hear the wedding bells ringing loud and clear as the Kapoor’s and the Ahuja’s passed their official statement confirming the wedding of Sonam Kapoor and and Anand Ahuja on 8th May 2018. The Kapoor’s mansion is already decked up in lights and flowers and Farah Khan is busy choreographing the sangeet. Amidst all this here is all you need to know about Anand Ahuja, the to be hubby of Sonam Kapoor.

Birth, Education and passion of the Groom to be.

Born in Delhi to Business Tycoon Sunil Ahuja and Beena Ahuja, Anand is the eldest of the 3 brothers, the other 2 being Amit and Anant Ahuja. Anand studies at the American Embassy School in New Delhi and  graduated from University of Pennsylvania. He did his internship from Amazon.com and  worked at Deutsche Bank, Macy’s and Amazon.com before he joined his family business.

Anand Ahuja’s Family Business besides his own ventures.

Anand Ahuja took over as the Managing Director of his family business Shahi Exports, the biggest Export house of India. The annual turnover of Shahi Exports is estimated to be over $450 million. Besides Anand is a Sneaker lover and the first one in the nation to open a Sneaker exclusive store in India under the brand name Veg Non veg.

Besides Veg Non Veg, Anand also owns an apparel brand under the name Bhane. Anand in one of his interviews revealed that coming from a family of business tycoons and huge legacy he was under too much pressure to perform well with his own ventures and was let down and annoyed at times when his brand Bhane didn’t perform as per his family expectations.


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Well educated, handsome, business tycoon yet down to earth, Anand Ahuja surely deserves to win hearts of Sonam Kapoor.

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