Home Movie Reviews Aiyaary Movie Review, Rating: The military espionage lacks teeth.

Aiyaary Movie Review, Rating: The military espionage lacks teeth.

Aiyaary Movie Review
Aiyaary Movie Review

Neeraj Pandey’s latest thriller Aiyaary Movie  is based on the backdrop how a young militant goes rogue and against the military after coming to know about the practices going on in the Army.

Aiyaary Movie Review:

A Wednesday and Special chabbis Director  seems to be holding back in Aiyaary. He is one of the Directors who can spin the taut. Neeraj Pandey knows how to stick on to the authorities is a most dignified and non dictating manner. However half n hour already in the Movie and you will wonder where the Magic of the Pandey we know disappeared.

Aiyaary Movie Review
Aiyaary Movie Review

A lot of time is wasted explaining the characters and a couple of well dressed arms dealers. The dialogues between the corrupt officers are painful. While the climax of the movie seems to be wrapped up very rapidly.

Acting in Aiyaary Movie:

When it comes to acting the seasoned Actor Manoj Bajpayee seems to steal the show. He plays the role of the senior Millitant Colonel Abhay Singh and has got the body language and mannerism of a disciplined officer.  He is the devil mind and head of the covert cell. On the other hand character of Jai Bakshi ( Siddharth Malhotra) is not as convincing and the reason for his desserting his mates isn’t justifiable. The climax that shows his reason for dillusionment is rapidly wrapped up. The other finest talents in the movie like Nasseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Kumur Mishra seems to be under utilised.

Aiyaary in a nutshell and rating.

Aiyarry is a toothless thriller. It is clutched in the morally complex men in uniform once very good respectable mates stand against each other. However the reason for their going rogue doesn’t get much to play and isn’t must justifying. But you can give it a watch for the commendable acting of Manoj Bajpayee and humour on World problems.