Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 : 16th January 2020 Episodic Update

Anurag talks about his feelings to Sonalika which reminds her of Prerna’s words and she interrupts him and says she will get his medicines and goes to washroom and lets out her anger. Then she recalls her meeting with the doctor where she blackmailed Anurag’s doctor for giving her medicines that will slow down Anurag’s regain of his memory by kidnaping doctor’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Ronit plans on to Prerna’s kidnaping and asks his team to be ready with the car as he gets Prerna there. Then Ronit goes to Prerna under the disguise of a waiter and asks her to come with him to the parking by saying that her car is parked in a manner that is blocking other cars. When Prerna is about to leave with Ronit, Viraj walks in and asks about the matter and after knowing the issue he immediately calls his driver and asks to look for Prerna’s car and Prerna leaves with Viraj and is safe once more.

Anurag is looking for Prerna and Sonalika sees that. Anupam is seen worried about Prerna and Shivani as they are nowhere to be seen. Anupam sees Anurag and thinks of informing him about the attack that is going to happen on Prerna again, but then he thinks of his condition and also about the fact that he has just returned from the hospital he decides to handle this matter at his own and safeguarding Prerna. Viraj takes Prerna aside to talk to her in private and tells her that he was thinking of cancelling the wedding but then how he has fallen for her and by telling that Viraj confesses his love for Prerna.

Sonalika mixes the medicine in a drink

Sonalika mixes the medicine in a drink and asks the waiter to give that water to Anurag and Prerna sees that. When Anurag is just about to drink that water, Prerna reaches to him. On seeing Prerna, Anurag asks the waiter (Ronit) to get a chair for Prerna. While he gets the chair Anurag kind of notices him and asks him if he already knows him as his voice seems to be very familiar. Anurag asks him his name and inquires if they have met earlier. Ronit says his name is Roshan and Sonalika once again comes to his rescue and asks him to get some snacks. Prerna takes the glass in Anu’s hand and puts it down.

Prerna starts coughing

Prerna starts coughing, Anurag offers her the same glass to which she rejects and then Anupam gives her the same glass and she drinks the spiked water. Prerna asks Anurag to come with her as she wants to talk to him. Anurag tells Prerna that he recollected a few of his memory and told her that he remembers that he promised to be on her side always. And that she was about to get married and he was trying to stop her from getting married. Just when Prerna was about to say something, Mohini interrupts and asks Anu to meet some important guests. Anurag tries to ask about Prerna’s marriage and husband which agitates Mohini and she leaves from there.

Viraj comes to Anurag and tells him that he proposed to Prerna which leaves drowns down the blood from Anurag’s face.

Prerna is under the influence of medicine and talks to Anurag

Prerna is under the influence of medicine and talks to Anurag. Shivani tries to escape. Mohini tells Viraj that Prerna is a nice girl. Prerna says I love you to Anurag. Viraj asks about Prerna and goes to the terrace and sees her hugging Anurag.