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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2: 15th January 2020 Episodic Update | Viraj Confronts Anurag |Ronit Kidnaps Shivani

Viraj confronts Anurag about his and Prerna's relation.

Viraj Confronts Anurag
Viraj Confronts Anurag Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2

Moloy and Mohini had a small fight over Prerna being with Anurag and not Viraj, Moloy suggests Mohini to be happy in her son’s happiness. Moloy taunts Mohini for not being a good mother, which brings tears to her eyes. Later on, Nivedita, consoles Mohini, saying this matter isn’t going to last for more days and Mohini lefts saying that she hates Prerna.

Meanwhile, Sharma’s compare Basu’s and Viraj’s family and wonder about their behavioural differences. They find Viraj’s family more suitable for Prerna. Veena follows Anurag and Prerna as Anurag takes Prerna to a room as her leg hurts. Veena drops a vase and Anurag asks her to not to bother with. Anupam notices the unusual behaviour of a waiter and recalls Shivani’s words of someone trying to harm Prerna and follows him.

Anurag tries to fix Prerna’s ankle as she suffers from a  foot cramp, which Veena and Viraj notice. Viraj gets a little uncomfortable seeing that. Then asks her to take care and leaves. While leaving the room Viraj asks Anurag if they can have a word. Prerna makes a remark to Veena, that if she could notice that even if he remembers or not anything he will always care for her. Veena agrees but says in spite of he caring for her doesn’t mean they can be together. To which Prerna reverts, they will be together and Anurag will call off her wedding with Viraj.

Anurag tries to fix Prerna’s Ankle

Viraj confronts Anurag if he loves Prerna. To which Anurag reverts yes! On the other hand, Ronit gets restless as he couldn’t hide anymore from Shivani and hits her on her head with a vase. Then ties her up and hides her in the cupboard. Anurag continues to speak that he loves Prerna as a friend. And he cares for her more as she is Rajesh uncles daughter. And he will always be with her whenever she will need him. And asks him to not to think anything else of his closeness with Prerna. Viraj apologises to Anurag and confesses his love for Prerna. That makes Anurag’s face go pale. Viraj tells Anurag that he is going to propose Prerna.

Meanwhile, Anupam follows the waiter out of the house. The waiter (Shiva), hides behind from Anupam behind the car. Shiva calls, Ronit which makes Ronit go back into the room where he hides Shivani as he forgot his phone there. He searches for his ringing phone and opens the cupboard where he had kept Shivani. When he opens the door Shivani gains conscious and he points a gun at Shivani and attends his call. Shivani couldn’t recognise him.

Ronit Kidnaps Shivani

Anurag tries to analyse the situation where Viraj felt there was something between him and Prerna and decides on to not to cross his lines with Prerna so that it doesn’t affect their new relationship. Anurag decides on maintaining distance from Prerna. Anurag starts experiencing flashbacks from his lost memory where Prerna was going to marry Navin Babu. He tells Sonalika that he remembers certain parts of his life now, that makes her worry. He couldn’t remember the name of the guy he thinks Prerna married but, he remembers that he was constantly asking her not to marry him. Sonalika gets restless and tells him when he talks about being with Prerna, she gets jealous.

Sonalika gets medicines to slow down Anurag’s brain and asks a waiter to give him the glass of water in which she mixes that medicine. Prerna suspects that and drinks that water and under the influence of that medicine she confesses her love to Anurag and hugs him. Viraj sees them hugging.

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