Prerna Says I Love You To Anurag
Prerna Says I Love You To Anurag

After Somalia’s first failed attempt, she then convinces Mohini to give Anurag medicine. On seeing Mohini Anu asks him if she was still upset with him as she came to talk to him then Mohini tells him that she was there to give him medicine. To which Anu rejects a bit saying the medicine makes him a bit dizzy. But Mohini sternly asks him to take them. After taking the medicine Anurag makes Mohini smile. 
Meanwhile, Prerna is feeling a little dizzy and walks up to Anurag and says that she wants to show him something. Something that he didn’t know earlier. She takes him to the terrace. Prerna talks to Anurag under the influence of the spiked drink. Anurag notice that Prerna is not in the correct state and have had something.

Prerna tells Anurag that she loves him. Viraj gets a little impatient and he wants to know Prerna’s answer. Mohini feels bad for Viraj as he will be marrying Prerna. She goes to talks to him and praises Prerna. When Viraj praises Prerna too that makes Mohini angry. Viraj starts searching Prerna and asks Debu Da who tells him that she is on the terrace.
The new waiters to kidnap Prerna, kidnaps Shivani thinking she is Prerna. Prerna asks Anurag to tell her I love you too. And tells him what is it to have him in her life. And she wants to be with him. They share some good moments and Prerna asks Anurag to hold her hand and was about to fall after that. Instead Anu takes care of it pulling her close to him.

Shivani gets kidnapped

Kidnappers inform Ronit that they have successfully kidnapped Prerna and he informs the same to Sonalika. Sonalika asks Ronit to calm down as this will be just the first step and she will let him know where to take her for now and she will also be there now. Mohini suddenly comes and asks Sonalika to meet someone to which Sonalika refuses and that upsets Mohini. AnuPre are still on terrace and Viraj is looking for Prerna. Prerna tells Anurag that she has waited for him for too long and that she loves him. Anurag, later on, thinks that Prerna is under the influence of some drink and she didn’t meant those things for him but for Viraj.

Sonalika gets angry with Ronit for getting Shivani and not Prerna. The goons then take Shivani back to the house and find Prerna and kidnap her. Shivani sees them putting Prerna in the van and goes down and tells that to Anurag. Anurag and Viraj rush to save Prerna.