Home News and Gossip Erica Fernandes Opens Up About Her Relationship.

Erica Fernandes Opens Up About Her Relationship.

Erica opens up about her personal life on Instagram and posts a picture

Erica Fernandes Opens Up About Her Relationship

Erica recently posted one dreamy picture which made netizens go crazy and wonder what the picture is about? Is she getting engaged? Is there someone in her life? Well, there are many such questions that have surfaced on the internet amongst her fans. The picture had two holding hands in which one we can clearly see a ring with an E which of course is of Erica’s and she captioned the image as

🧿 When I’m with you, i act different, in a good way of course. I always smile more ☺️, I always laugh more 🤣 With you I can drop the fake smile 🙂 (if any) and put on a real one 😊👀. I don’t feel hurt or alone when I’m with you instead I feel safe and loved 🥰You’re easy to talk to and you listen to me. I don’t feel sad around you and you show me that you really do care in-fact I can see that you’re not pretending. I really appreciate what you’ve done and continue to do .coz with you I’m different I’m happy 🧿#us
p.s:- if that’s what your thinking then Nah not engaged.

Erica Fernandes Instagram post

Well, with the caption she clearly struck off the being engaged possibility, but she is totally in love. She has that special someone in her life. As per an online portal, she stated, When I put up the post, I didn’t think too much as honestly, this was just a general post about my personal life and space. A lot of people think I am very secretive in certain aspects, but that is not true, as I prefer being more private about my personal life. So today I just thought of opening up a bit more to people so that they can know a little more information about my own space, but again not too much! So, for now, this small sneak peek is more than enough from my side.”

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