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No Entry Sequel in making, Anees Bazmee confirms title ‘No Entry Mein Entry’

No Entry Mein Entry

With ‘No Entry’ once being one of the top blockbusters and winning the hearts of the audience, director Anees Bazmee wants to hit the floors with a sequel ‘No Entry Mein Entry’ and confirmed that he would love to work with Fardeen Khan, Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor again.

It has been 14 years to this vintage romantic comedy and the actors and the producer, Boney Kapoor are excited about the movie’s sequel. Boney Kapoor took to twitter to celebrate the golden 14 years the movie has completed and congratulated director Anees Bazmee for a sequel and addressed the former actors who are associated with the project.

No Entry Mein Entry

It will be a delight to watch Anil Kapoor, the sensationally young, dashing yet 62 years old actor who manages to move the audience with his everlasting charisma, everytime. Salman Khan, whose last three movies haven’t done blockbuster well at the box office lately would be looking forward to this project in order to bridge the gap in his dropping collections.

The director himself seems to be ecstatic about his renewed project and confirmed the title of his romantic comedy sequel as ‘No Entry Mein Entry’. With the film full of mastiyaan and the writing updated to the current comical scenarios, this movie will be equipped with laughter, hilarity and happiness, said Bazmee. He also confirmed that the movie is not a remake but rather a sequel and he finished writing the script to it sometime ago. Now that he has completed the script, Bazmee expressed his desire to work with his original starcast. He said in the interview that according to the script, he has visualised an ensemble starcast with lots of girls but ultimately the choice and the finalisation upon the cast will be made by the producer, Boney Kapoor. Bazmee wants to gather his original boys and make the sequel an even bigger masterpiece than before.

No Entry Mein Entry

He said, ‘No Entry’ is a comedy classic and there is no one who would not tune into the channel in which the movie is running and he wants to maintain a similar standard for his upcoming hit. The movie production is in the pipeline which was confirmed by Boney Kapoor’s tweet a few days back and now, the schedule for shooting and an ultimate verdict on the movie’s star cast will be revealed just before in time our curiosity will be about to overflow from the brink.

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