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Hrithik Roshan: Super 30 has brought a lot of changes in his life

Hrithik roshan at Super 30

Super 30 : Bollywood actor Hrithik roshan says it feels great that Super 30 did very well. The film has earned Rs. 128.67 Crore so far.

Hrithik roshan surprised the world when he shed his Greek god Avatar to play mathematician Anand kumar in Super 30. The film has already raked in Rs. 128.67 Crore. For hrithik roshan, the positive feedback and box office numbers has led to a sense of gratitude.

In a conversation with news reporter, Hrithik said, “it feels great that Super 30 did very well on box office. I have so happy towards the success of this film. There were many people rooting for me – be it my family and friends. To make them proud is very inspiring and important thing for me.

This film has recently been declared tax-free in multiple states. When asked if he was expecting this to happen, he said, “It feels good when such films are supported. It proves that we made an impact. Through Super 30, we wanted to say the same thing. That support the worthy, the “Hakdars”. So it does feel very special.”

Hrithik roshan at Super 30
Hrithik roshan at Super 30

Cinegoers have lauded the film for its inspiring story and performance. We surprised if there was a feedback from someone that touched Hrithik’s heart. With a big smile, Hrithik Roshan told, “I was really glad when people spoke about my dancing in the film. I had really worked hard and was hoping someone would notice. There are two sequences- one with family in the house and the second being drunk at the party. I had a feeling that I did well in both and was waiting to be complimented on the same. So whenever anyone picked that up, it really made me excited.”

And when told what did he takes back from Super 30, the actor said, “It has brought in a lot of changes in my life. I have been trying to work towards giving a better lifestyle for my staff in my house. I have also begun to contribute to people around me. He said it is just a start and he hope he can do much better.” The film Super 30 starred Mrunal Thakur, nandish Sandhu and Pankaj tripathi among others. It hits screen on July 30. This film is riding high on box office success these days.