Hamza Ali Abassi and Veena Malik

Iqra-Yasim’s haram kissing : The gorgeous yet mostly been in controversial headlines for her roles in India, Veena Malik is rumoured to be in a rift with Pakistani actor, theatre artist and filmmaker Hamza Ali Abassi. The two have been shooting together in Pakistan for a talent hunt show which goes on AIR by the name ‘Pakistan Ka Star’. Veena Malik, who has gained her brief stardom in India by being one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 2010 is the host of the said show and rumour has it that the two haven’t been going along really well.

Hamza Ali Abassi, who has been shunned throughout Pakistani social media for supporting Iqra-Yasim’s haram kissing at Lux Style Awards 2019, is in a bit of a difficult place as the duo has shot more than 50 episodes and things do not seem to go well. The cold war has not gone unnoticed by the Pakistanis who endear the show and the judges. He is a revered judge but with things transcending out to be vague and complex, it might be that the show loses its popularity, if the rift continues.

Iqra-Yasim’s haram kissing

The two actors have been trying to ignore each other as much as possible. To limit their conversations, they are separated by individual green rooms and are always in an uneasy place whenever put in one frame. For Hamza Ali, who has been called out as an ISI Agent by Indian news reporter and editor Arnab Goswami, things do not seem to end well if he doesn’t end this feud soon.

With Hamza Ali’s diminishing reputation. it’s Veena who has the ball in her court. Indian Bollywood Industry has been chasing away Pakistani actors, which also chased away Veena back to Pakistan where she chastised Hamza Ali on twitter for his support on the kiss. Veena has gained extreme popularity in her native land as the host of one of the biggest shows in the country.

Iqra-Yasim’s haram kissing

We would wish for the two to resolve things as fast as possible. With both of their fans wishing them the best and hoping for the conflict to resolve, things are hoped to turn better in the upcoming episodes. Although their inner disagreements are bigger than just mere popularity insecurities, it is Hamza Ali who has to save his reputation as the judge and for Veena, obviously her tremendously well job as a host.

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