Bollywood is not a set for people who are emotionally weak

Bollywood is not a set for people who are emotionally weak : Actress Shamita Shetty currently appeared in Punjabi music video, “Teri Maa” which is directed by her brother-in-law, Raj Kundra. This video is presented by T-series. It is a funny song which is about a man sandwiched between his girlfriend and his mother.

In an interview, shamita Shetty spoke about the song and also told about her struggles in the Bollywood and her next international project, the tenant. She said that she honestly did this song because it was a lot of fun, she didn’t do it as a career move or anything else.

She stated that her brother-in-law directed this video and I thought it was nice and I don’t know if I would ever have the chance to work with him in the future because I don’t know if he is interested in directing anything more in the future. It is just like home and turf. When he makes me hear the song then it liked it as it is colourful and light.

Bollywood is not a set for people who are emotionally weak

While the shoot of this song, she had a lot of fun as they shot it in one day. She thought that they have done a great job. I don’t understand Punjabi but my brother-in-law explained lyrics to me and it was a great song.

When an interviewer asked her what was the highlight of your career then she replied that Zehar was one of her best film. It would be just for me to take any name to discuss what could have been better and it is all in the part. She thought that I would like to look back at my career and choose out such points to be very honest because I am where I am because of my choices. I have learnt from many experiences in life. The Bollywood industry has made me a strong person.

She joined the industry with the Mohabbatein in 2000, yash raj films. It has been a difficult journey for her. She had to settle down the type of work she did to an extent. Some of the work that came to her way was very good, when she took at herself, she know she have become a strong person. This is what she want to say to people when they ask me that what is the advice she would give to someone who wants to join the Bollywood.

Bollywood is not a set for emotionally weak people. You have to be very strong to survive in the industry.

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