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Mission mangal-the mars orbiter mission

Mission mangal-the mars orbiter mission

Mission Mangal is the new movie of Akshay Kumar whose trailer launched two days before. The best part of the movie which shows the hardship of the scientist to launch a Mars orbiter mission. It shows the emotion of all the cast and crew of the Mars mission. This movie related to the tough path between ‘it is impossible’ and ‘we have to do it’. The best and emotional part of the trailer is the ending where they successfully launch their mars orbiter mission and Akshay said ‘poori Duniya se kaho copy that’.

The trailer featured the cast including Akshay Kumar, Sharman Joshi, Nithya Mohan, tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulkarni, Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan who join together and create the best team of scientist and engineers at ISRO. The movie will be released on Independence day all over India.
This movie is based on the mission budget in which the Indian scientist compare the budget of NASA and ISRO for the mission mars. The Indian scientist wants to launch the mission in just 450 crores whereas NASA’s budget is 6000 crore.

Mission mangal-the mars orbiter mission

As we all know when a movie trailer released the meme will start then. But this time Rajasthan police use the mission mangal movie meme to follow the traffic rules. Police use the dialogue ‘poori Duniya se Kaho copy that’ with the caption “wear #helmet and #seatbelt while driving and follow the #traffic rules. The way of teaching the traffic rules went viral on social media for the safety of the citizens.

Mission mangal-the mars orbiter mission

The main theme of this movie is the female cast who work so hard for the
achievements of the mission. This shows their balance between family and works to do the success against odd. After the launch of the Mission Mangal trailer, there are more than 22 million views on YouTube. This movie showcases the hardship of India to launch its satellite to Mars.
2:52 minutes trailer showcase the talented scientist of the ISRO that is a nearly impossible task. But the teamwork of its scientist and engineers shows the hardship of the women. It also shows the women empowerment that shows their balance between their job and family. They also work on the nation’s dream to mars to fulfil by the ISRO in the limited cost as compared to NASA. The movie is going to be hit on-screen on 15 th August 2019.

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