Akshay Kumar has had quite an eventful Tuesday. The actor kept on trending the whole day for as many as three back-to-back updates. The first look of his to-be-released film Sooryavanshi was out; then he shared the first song from his upcoming film Kesari, and lastly, the Khiladi, true to his title, set himself up on fire for the promotion of his streaming debut ‘The End’!

“Literally, all fired up for my association with Amazon Prime India’s The End (working title). Trust me, this is only the beginning,” Akshay wrote as he shared the grabs from the launch event that spread like wild fire on the web.

Dressed in a slick black suit? Akshay Kumar, 51, was the daring dude who sashayed down the ramp sans any fear of the fire that was flaring up all through his arms, legs and all over. Our heart went out for his effortlessly casual approach towards the fire stunt.

As excited and adventurous as the Khiladi Kumar got for his first ever web series, little did he know that wife Twinkle Khanna is the least bit excited at this stunt.

“Crap! This is how I find out that you decided to set yourself on fire ! Come home and I am going to kill you-in case you do survive this! #GodHelpMe,” is what his better half shared on Twitter the minute she learnt about this. Apparently, she neither had any knowledge of this nor had she anticipated seeing her husband setting him up on fire, literally.

Meanwhile, Akshay also shared a little secret regarding his new venture. He told the audience at the launch event that becoming a part of a webstream was indeed his son Aarav’s idea. Now, Mrs FunnyBones aka Twinkle Khanna, wouldn’t have had any inkling of this either, we assume.

By the time you read this, we’re assuming Akshay Kumar did go home and probably defended himself. The globally famous nursery jingle might help – “Twinkle Twinkle my dear star. How I wonder if angry you are! Up above the stage so high… I came out safe from the fire, just to say hi… Twinkle Twinkle my dear star….”

We also hope that the poster and the song from his upcoming films might help in dousing the fire that was lit up in his domestic world.