Poonam Pandey sex video leaked online
Poonam Pandey sex video leaked online (image source: Kannadaprabha.com)

Poonam Pandey Leaked Her Sex Tape: Again Poonam Pandey is making noise on social media as her sultry video got replaced by her sex tape with her boyfriend. She’s breaking the internet since Friday morning as her video of herself having sex with her boyfriend name Sam Bombay got shared on Instagram. However, the sultry actress also deleted it after the few hours but that didn’t make any impact on gossip mongers who’s now talking about her video.

The video which was deleted later was captioned with “You can have this too. Be the top fan.” In order to create controversy, the media reports are also claiming that the video was just a publicity stunt by her.

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Apart from her social media stunts, Poonam Pandey made her Bollywood debut with the film Nasha. Later She was also featured in some Telugu films. Known for her sultry poses and nude videos, Poonam Pandey rose to fame when she announced to strip down for Indian Cricket Team.

Poonam Pandey sex video leaked online (image source: Instagaram)

It was 2011 when Indian Cricket Team won the world cup but everyone’s eyes were waiting to see Poonam Pandey making her commitment true. But everyone knows nothing had happened alike. In one of her interviews in 2016, She admitted that all of her stunts were done to attract attention on various platforms.

She had said that “All the controversies she’s been involved in were done to make her reach the stage.” Now, the Netizens won’t be surprised to know that the video leaking stunt could be one of her stunts too.

Poonam Pandey sex video leaked online (image source: Instagaram)

At the trailer launch of her adult film ‘The Weekend In 2016’, Poonam Pandey was asked about the fear involved in creating such controversies. She stated that “Luck was in my favour as controversies either put you up or put you down. Controversies worked enough for me and I am happy.”

However, She also uploaded a latest video featuring her while taking a bath which may leave you little to imagination.

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