Deepak Kalal
Deepak Kalal beaten publicly (image source:

Deepak Kalal beaten publicly: The internet sensation Deepak Kalal who rose to fame after making an announcement that he and Rakhi Sawant will soon marry, which later proves as a joke. Recently what makes everyone irked was his current video in which he was beaten up by a Man. Deepal Kalal who mainly known for his cringe-worthy videos which while entertaining, it also irritated.

Recently this man was found in Delhi but not in a very good situation. The video has him thrashing right and left by an anonymous Man. The whole incident runs live on his youtube channel. The controversial youtuber was caught hold by a group of men on the highways of Delhi and then the beating sequence was followed by asking Deepak to no make such videos.

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The man who hit him hard called Deepak Nandal who can be seen as repeatedly slapping him and arguing with him to not make such ‘inappropriate’ videos. On the other hand, Deepak is seen apologizing from him and seeking mercy from his followers.

Deepak Kalal
Deepak Kalal beaten publicly (image source: ABP Live)

Now who is Deepak Nandal? By digging out an information about him, he is a producer according to his facebook page. However, he also told the viewers that Deepak Kalal’s videos put bad impact on Kids and Teenagers. While he also said that if he find Deepak Kalal again making such videos then he would beat him again from any corner of the world.

Although he asked Kalal’s followers to appreciate him if he make good videos. Otherwise he would be offensive.

Undoubtly, Deepak Kalal’s videos are full of semi-nudity with the bad jokes but beating him live is not the appropriate thing. Deepak Nandal may face legal action for this also. As Deepak Nandal also threatened Kalal’s followers who extended support to him as he said that he beat all those who are in favour of him. The video’s receiving angry reaction from Kalal’s followers and people who are opposing Deepak Nandal’s action.

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