Sreesanth eliminated from Khatron Kke Khiladi 9 (image source: India Today)

Sreesanth, who’s currently showing in TV’s realty show Khatron Ke Khiladi has got eliminated in a very shocking way. His elimination came as in a very unexpected way as the former cricketer considered as the strongest contestant of the show. His decision to not attempt the task made him to leave the show. Here’s what happened exactly!

Sreesanth got eliminated as he lost coordination with Ridhima Pandit in a task involving laser beam, thus, the duo got fear funda. Then, they decided to cancel the task as Ridhima was not giving him clear instructions. While not getting a proper response, Sree lost his cool and he was upset with losing the stunt.

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Morever, host Rohit Shetty was really shocked to see the contestants aborting the stunts as he said that the first time in his four seasons that contestants are cancelling the tasks for minor reasons.

Sreesanth eliminated from Khatron Kke Khiladi 9 (image source: SpotboyE)

The eliminations task begin with Ridhima’s turn, as the lady managed to complete the task despite the fear of creepy crawlies. Next Haarsh attempted the task as he overcame his phobia of crawlies and completed the task very well. Then, Sreesanth’s turn arrived and all the hoopla began afterward. When the host Rohit Shetty signaled him to begin the task, he was frozen at the point. This left the whole contestants in shock as they wondered how can a tough guy like Sreesanth behave like this?

Seemed, something else was cooking in Sreesanth’s head as he moved and took all the keys. In the end, he needed to pull out the flag from the tumbler and just carried it to his beginning spot. But he left the flag after the pull out from the glass, this made everyone learnt that Sree wanted to drop the show.

At the end, Rohit Shetty asked Sreesanth why he did that and Cricketer explained that in laser beam task he was guilty that Ridhima got into elimination task due his unfollowing her instructions. This made him to quit the show as he didn’t want to continue as a weak player. Rohit told that this would look very bad on television as he saw him as one of the finalsits.

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