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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Simmi informs Ishita about Raman’s plan 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Raman plans to send Roshni to London after the baby is born. The Bhalla’s will keep the baby while Roshni can move on in her life. Simmi informs Ishita about Raman’s plan and Ishita is furious about it. She decides to hire a lawyer and fight the custody case.

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Raman (Karan Patel)  gives Ishita the legal notice and tells her that the child is their heir and will come home. Ishita gets angry and says that they will now meet in court. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to let their heir be here. Ishita apologizes and Raman says let her go, the baby will come here soon.

Ishita and Roshni leave. At home, Ishita assures Roshni that baby will not be separated from her. She adds that she will hire the best lawyers if needed. Mani calls Ishita.

Raman’s plan for Roshni

Mrs. Bhalla is crying and Raman consoles her. She says that Ishita will protect the baby like a lioness. Raman tells them about his plan, that he will take the baby’s custody and send Roshni to London.

In London, Roshni can start a new life, which will not be burdened by her faults in her past. The baby will be with them and they will raise him well.

Ruhi asks him if this plan for Roshni or solely because he wants the baby. Raman excepts that initially, he did not care for Roshni. Now when he thinks how difficult it is to be a single mother, he feels for her wants her to happy. He tells everyone that no one will tell anything to Ishita. Simmi has overheard this and plans something.

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Mani offers Ishita Help

Ishita and Mani meet at the cafe. She is under the belief that Raman is doing all this as he is worried for Roshni’s safety. Mani tells her that Raman is just doing this for the baby and offers her help by referring and paying for the best lawyers.

Ishita is hesitant as she somehow trusts Raman after all this. She asks Mani’s intention and he tells her that he is doing all this for Aaliya’s security and well being.  Ishita tells him that she will let him know.

Raman is thinking about Ishita and drinking. He breaks the bottle on the car and gets hurt on his hand. Ishita coincidentally comes there and see his bleeding hand. She bandages it as Raman tell her that the case will not be taken back because of this. Ishita suggests him to leave and leave from there.

Simmi warns Ishita

At home, Ishita sees Simmi and gets angry. She asks Simmi to leave and sends Roshni inside to relax. Roshni goes inside as Simmi tells her about Raman’s London plan. She adds that she has no care for Ishita, but being a mother who has lost her child she doesn’t want that for Roshni.

Simmi leaves as Ishita is dumbfounded. Ishita immediately calls Ruhi to confirm as she doesn’t trust Simmi. Ruhi does not affirm nor deny the new and Ishita gets her answer

She calls  Mani and asks for the lawyer. On one side, Ishita is upset by Raman’s thought process and on the other hand, Raman is upset as Ishita is not ready to understand his perspective.

In the morning, Raman asks the lawyer if the papers ready. Ishita and Roshni arrive, She takes Raman aside and suggests him to stay away from Roshni. As she leaves with Roshni, Raman brings out his trump card – Simmi.

Simmi and Parmeet come their to testify against Ishita. The duo acts all innocently while Ruhi looks on sadly.


Simmi  tells Roshni about London offer and Roshni in unhappy that Ishita hid it from her.