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Kumkum Bhagya 3 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Abhi gets injured while saving everyone

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: The robbery is finally under control all thanks to Abhi and his fighting skills. Abhi sees Pragya with King and feels upset. He was hurt during the fight and is admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) asks Pragya (Sriti Jha) to take everyone and leave. The robbers come there as they are about to and ask them to stop. Abhi fights with them while Pragya opens the door and asks everyone to leave immediately.

Pragya returns to him and he asks her why she returned. She asks him why did he return, Abhi replies that he returned for her and Pragya repeats his sentiments. Some of the other hostages return as well to help the duo. Finally, the commandos arrive and Abhi instructs everyone to get down, firing starts between the two parties.

In anger one of the goon comes and hits Abhi on the head, Abhi fights him off. As they outside Pragya goes to fetch the doctor but she sees Aaliya taking care of Abhi. Pragya recalls Aaliya words and leaves from there.

Abhi looks for Pragya and sees her with King. King hugs Pragya and asks her if she is ok, Tanu also hugs Abhi. Pragya meets Kiara, and the child is ecstatic after seeing her mother. She tells Pragya that her rockstar saved her, she points towards Abhi but before Pragya could see him the inspector interrupts her.

Ronnie tries to shoot Inspector. Abhi sees Inspector at his gunpoint and saves Inspector. King holds Ronnie’s hand and makes the gun fired in the air. Abhi falls down. King comes to Abhi and asks him to give his hand. He holds his hand and helps Abhi to get up. Aaliya and others come there. King asks them to take care of Abhi and says my wife is waiting. Aaliya says his wife is also here.

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Pragya is worried about Abhi

Pragya wants to meet Abhi once to check if he is ok, but King tells him that Abhi and his family have left already. Pragya gets a little sad and worried about Abhi’s well being.

Abhi is in the hospital, Aaliya and Tanu plan on how to keep Pragya as far from Abhi as possible. At home, Pragya is worried about Abhi. King come there and tells her that Kiara cried a lot for her, Chachi adds on that King was also worried for her a lot. King gets a little embarrassed and leaves from there. Abhi is unconscious in the hospital. The nurse asks Doctor to talk to his family so that they get relieved.


Pragya calls Aaliya to ask about Abhi. Aaliya shouts at her.