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Kumkum Bhagya 17 July 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Disha drops Kiara to her home

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Pragya sees Abhi’s pictures and thinks about him. Tanu successfully executes her plan and makes Kiara fall off the stairs. Pragya calls Kiara and she informs her about the fall. Abhi distracts Kiara from her pain and Pragya is on her way.

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Tanu is happy that she managed to hurt Kiara. Disha comes there and confronts her for making Kiara fall. Tanu rubbishes her claims and shouts at her. Disha threatens to tell Abhi and Tanu requests her not to involve him.

Kiara and Sunny are playing and teasing each other. Kiara feels some pain and Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) suggests calling her mother. She tells him she has already given a call to her mother and is scared that she will come here and scold her and everyone else.

Pragya is stopped by the Traffic Police

Traffic police inspector stops Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) car and asks the driver to show him the papers. Pragya comes out of the car and asks them to hurry up

Kiara tells Abhi that if her mother comes there, she will ask her a million questions. After the scolding and the questions, she will not allow her to come to this house. Abhi suggests that he will talk to her but Kiara persists that her mother is protective of her and will not understand.

On the other hand, Pragya is trying to get the traffic police inspector to leave them. The inspector doesn’t agree at first, but after Pragya tells him that her daughter has fallen down from stairs; he lets them leave after taking a Challan.

Disha suggests an Idea

Kiara again stresses that if Pragya comes down there, she might not allow her to come back here. She adds that she loves Abhi and would like to meet him again and again.

Disha suggests that she can take Kiara to her home before her mother comes here. They all like the idea and Disha and Kiara leaves. Kiara tells Disha that her mother will still scold Abhi on call. Disha asks Kiara if she cares about Abhi and Kiara tells her that she loves him.

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Pragya spots Abhi

 Pragya is almost at Abhi’s house when she calls Kiara. Kiara tells her that she has already reached home. Pragya asks the driver to take a u-turn and asks Kiara to take rest. She sees Abhi outside one of the houses and thinks that he lives in the same street as Sunny. (Common girl add 1+1 will you, stop acting like a fool) Pragya thinks that Abhi will recognize Kiara as her daughter if he meets her.

Disha insists of dropping Kiara inside the house. She comes inside and praises the interiors. Kiara takes her to her room and is telling Disha about her mum when she spots a photo of Pragya.

The driver tells Pragya that car stopped suddenly. Pragya asks him to check. Pragya comes out of the car and sees someone repairing the car. She asks the driver about the guy’s charges and sees that Abhi is repairing the car.


Abhi cleans his hand and face with Pragya’s Pallu and flirts with her.