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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira helps Kartik in the local train

In a town as big as Mumbai, Kartik and Naira stumble upon each other quite often

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 June 2018: Kirti is in trouble with an order when the whole family gears up to help her. Kartik boards the ladies compartment of the local train by mistake. 

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) is trying to study but curses Kartik for intentionally giving her hard topics. Whereas, Kartik (Mohsin Khan) is making explanation notes for weaker students like Naira.

Kirti calls Masterji to ask him if he can manage an urgent order. Masterji tells her that he doesn’t have workers now so he can’t. Naksh comes and enquires about the issue,  Devyani tells him that Bhabhimaa heard it wrong and now they have got the extra order. Kirti says it’s our mistake and business and personal ethics tell us to complete the order.

Naira and Kartik imagine each other

Naira hears someone tapping on the table while working. She sees Kartik under the table. He asks her what happened and why is she tensed. He tells her that she has all the answers, she just has to see. Kartik(imagination one) holds her face, kisses her and says all the best.

Kartik picks the pen and spots Naira under the table. She pulls him and says that he always trouble him, did he forgot her Nairagiri. He smiles as Naira kisses him and tell him that one who creates problem will find the solution, he is not a professor here. Their imagination breaks and the duo carry on their respective work.

The whole Family helps Kirti

As no one could think of a solution, they hear a sound and see Bhabhimaa stitching something. Kirti asks her about it and Bhabhimaa tells her that she is helping Kirti rectifying her mistake. Bhabhimaa says that she can do this for her bahu as Kirti hugs her.

Devyani joins Bhabhimaa too. They ask Kirti to cut the fabric and give them for stitching. Naksh says that he will get another sewing machine and Bauji says he will fix it. Than Naksh takes the duty of making tea for everyone.

They get a call from Naira as Naksh leaves. Naitik asks them about all the work and they tell them about the order. Naira enquires about Naksh and they tell him that is gone to make tea for them.

Kirti enquires about her college and the teachers. Naira tells her all is good, she asks them to continue their work and she will call later. Kirti feels that Naira is hiding something.

Naksh gets tea as Devyaani says that Naira looked happy. Bauji suggests that they should stay there till Naira gets composed. Kirti asks Bhabhimaa to take rest and she asks Kirti to let her work. Naksh feeds them sweets and kisses Kirti.

Naksh receives a call from Naira the next day. After they exchange pleasantries, Naira tells him that she misses him badly. She adds that she wishes to come back, but it’s tough for her to come there. Naira asks him to understand her and tells him that she loves him.

Kartik gets late for college

Kartik hears Naira’s voice in his sleep and gets up. The voice taunted him for getting late after giving a lecture about it yesterday. He checks the time and says that he can’t be late.

Naira also leaves hurriedly. Naitik worries about her and thinks that he should visit her college once. Chitti advises him against it and tells him that Naira will tell him everything when she is ready to.  On the other hand, Suwarna says why was Kartik rushing to college, he is trustee there no one can tell him anything. Manish smiles.

 Kartik is stuck in traffic and thinks that he will be late. Naira pays of the Taxi driver and moves towards the station. Kartik asks the driver to hurry up, the driver suggests him to take a local to avoid this traffic.

 Naira runs and boards the train. Kartik rushes to the station and mistakenly gets inside the ladies compartment. The train leaves and the ladies shout and scold him.

Naira saves Kartik

Kartik tells him that it his first time in the local, he is a professor and was getting late for the class. They threaten to call police as Naira turns and sees him. He also sees her.

She removes the headphones and hears the fuss. She asks the lady to let him go as he is with her. The ladies say oh and ah about it saying that it is about a love affair. They push the duo towards each other.

Kartik and Naira hold the belt together. The ladies happily chat them up, tell them how good they look together and how they should end their fight till next station. Naira falls over him and they have an eye lock.


Kartik jumps on the platform. Naira gets shocked and tries to jump. The ladies hold her.

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