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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik takes Naira to the hospital

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Tanvi and Kunal asks Naira to dance and Naira says No. When all ask her why, she tells them that it is due to an accident two years ago. She tries to run from their and hurts herself, Kartik picks her in his attention and talked hey to the hospital.

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Dadi asks Kartik (Mohsin Khan) where he was and he just tells her that he was at a friend’s place. Kirti and Naitik are at a café and he asks her the reason of bringing him here. Manish comes there and Kirti tells Naitik that the plans was to make them meet.

She tells the duo that she wants them to discuss about Kartik and Naira (Shivangi Joshi). Naitik and Manish both confirm that they want the kids to be together again. Suwarna is with some lady in the same café, she sees Kirti and Manish but not Naitik and takes the meeting lightly.

Naitik asks Manish if Suwarna will accept Kartik and Naira relationship. Manish sadly tells him that she is still not yet ready to understand, but everyone except her wants what is best for the duo.

At the college Kartik is worried that Naira might make fun of him now. He listens the peon telling Naira that Mrs. Goenka has called her. Naira enters the room and Kartik worries that she will tell Dadi about his drunken state.

Kartik asks Naira about the talk

Later, Naira is sitting the class room and Tanvi suggests her to check out the rain. Naira rejects the idea and prefers to finish some work, Tanvi leaves saying that she will be in the auditorium. Kartik comes there and locks the door, he asks Niara what did she say to Dadi.

Naira gets up and opens the door, before leaving she tells him that she met Dadi for a college related matter. She reminds him that at the freshers Dadi suggested maintaining a line between professional and personal affairs. She adds that she is following her advice and he should too. Naira leaves as Kartik looks on.

Manish tells Suwarna that he is hungry. She tells him that she thought that he might have had food with Kirti at the café. Manish gets worried that if she saw Naitik as well and if yes why did she not mentioned him.

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Tanvi and Kunal asks Naira to dance

Naira comes to the auditorium looking for Tanvi and wears the headphone. Kartik also comes there and stands near the technician. Kunal is talking to Naira via the headphones and asks her to participate in the dancing competition. Naira denies and Kartik also wears a headphone listening on their conversation.

Kunal puts on the spot light and Tanvi and he forces Naira to dance. Naira starts crying and they rush towards her to calm her down. They console her and ask her about the matter, Niara tells them that she cannot dance even if she wants to.

Kartik is shocked on hearing this and asks her why via the headphone. Naira sees him behind a window and just says that 2 years back she injured her leg and doctors advised her not to dance. She excuses herself from there and goes outside.

Naira hurts herself

Kartik follows her outside; she sees him and runs away from him. While running she twists her ankle and Kartik takes her in her arm, Dadi looks on as they go outside. Kartik gives the taxi driver directions to a hospital. Naira is in much pain; she thanks Kartik for helping and tells her that she to leave her at the hospital and she will manage afterwards.

Kartik observes swelling in her leg, he is about to touch it but Naira moves away. Kartik tries again and tells her that it is not the first time he is touching her; he takes her feet and keeps it on his lap.

Naira asks for an injection

At the hospital, doctor checks Naira’s feet and asks about any previous injuries and Naira instantly denies it. The doctor is about to give her an injection and Naira and Kartik simultaneously shout No! Kartik tells the doctor to give medicines as Naira is afraid of injection.

Naira is offended by this and stubbornly asks for an injection, saying that she is in much pain. She bravely takes one and the doctor says that she needs another one. Worried for her, Kartik forcefully holds her hand as she takes the next injection.

After the injection, the doctor tells her that the pain will recede in a while as and when the swelling subsides they will do an x-ray. Naira immediately denies one


Doctor asks Kartik that Naira might have had an old injury.