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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira realizes her mistake

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Naira takes Dadi to the hospital. Kartik comes their angrily and blames Naira for it. Naira later realizes that the protest wasn’t that a great idea.

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) takes Dadi to the hospital. Kartik(Mohsin Khan) learns about incident and leaves for the hospital as well. He blames Naira and stubbornness for messing up the matter.

At the hospital, Doctor asks Dadi’s history and Naira tells him all she knows. The doctor tells her that Dadi is fine as the wound is not internal. Dadi gains conscious and sees Naira beside, she leaves her hand.

Dadi is fine

As the Doctor is checking her Kartik comes in, he asks him to relax as Dadi is fine. The doctor tells him to thanks Naira for bringing Dadi on time, instead, Kartik gets angry.

Kartik taunts Naira that the family can stay and outsiders leave. As Naira is leaving Kartik comes out with her. He blames Naira for everything as Dadi got injured because of her stupid protest.

While they fight he blames her for Shubham’s death as well and tells her that this protest may harm her friend as his brother was harmed. A man tells Kartik that Dadi is calling and Kartik goes inside leaving a crying Naira.

Naksh gets upset

Naksh calls Naitik and Naira, both the numbers are busy. He calls on the landline and a worried Naitik picks up. Naitik thinks its Naira and questions about her being late.

Naksh feels irritated that Naitik only cares about Naira and cuts the phone. Naitik tries calling Naksh but his phone is unreachable. He thinks about him as Naksh is sad about the whole thing.

Manish apologizes to Suwarna

Manish gets coffee for Suwarna and apologizes. She tells him her side of the story, that she was worried about their son. Manish accepts his fault in the matter as well, he tells Suwarna that he misses the old her.

The Suwarna, who used to have magical solutions for all his

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problems and cared about him equally. Suwarna promises to try to be like the older version of her more.

Tanvi is going away

Naira is siting beside the pool lost in thoughts, Tanvi comes there and asks about Dadi. Naira tells her hat she is fine and comes home by tomorrow. Tanvi hugs her and thanks her for all her help.

She tells Naira that her parents got to know about the matter and wants her to leave the tow. She adds that her parents also belive it’s her fault and are scared of their reputation. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words as Tanvi tells her that she is taking her complaint back so that her family’s reputation doesn’t suffer.

Naira tells her that she faced a similar situation but her family supported her. She adds that Tanvi should overcome your fear. Tanvi tells her, she can’t and leaves.

Naira and Kartik falls into the pool

Kartik is observing this. He comes towards Naira and says that he told her something like this would happen. Naira is about to leave when he holds her. As she asks him to leave they lose balance and falls into the pool.

Niara could not find her balance and hugs Kartik for support. Someone is recording all this. Naira finally manages to come out.

Naira receives a video of Kartik

In the morning a girl informs Naira that some students have been rusticated and her name is on the list. The girl points out that Kartik might have had a hand in it and Naira believes it, fueling the misunderstandings further.

Kartik learns about the list and shouts at Dean for rusticating students. He explains that this will worsen the situation and takes back the order. Kartik says that they only have one agenda to punish Tanvi’s culprit and to support her as her parents are forcing her to leave studies.

A girl has been recording this conversation and she decides to send it on the messaging group. Naira sees the video as is astonished to hear these view of Kartik.


Naira and Kartik get shocked seeing their video. Someone asks them to forget Tanvi’s case, else everyone will discuss professor and student’s love story.

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