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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Naira rushes from the class

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Full Episode Written Update 1

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 June 2018: While Naira and Kartik on their personal battle, Naitik sees Kartik at the college. He faints from shock and Naira rushes from Kartik’s lecture as she is informed about it.

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) gets a taxi and Kartik’s (Mohsin Khan) driver arrive. The driver apologizes for the delay and Kartik warns him not to repeat it. Naitik comes there to hand Naira her Id card, but she is gone and he leaves for the college.

The dean greets Kartik and they discuss some buisness, while the guard does not allow Naira in the college. Naira pleads him to let her go or she will miss her class. She tells him that the teacher will scold her, Kartik thinks of punishing her if she is late again.

Naitik arrives and gives her the ID, she thanks him apologizes for the trouble and rushes inside. Naitik gets sugarcane juice and sees Kartik. He gets shocked and recalls Naira’s words. The glass us dropped from his hand as he stumbles. A man holds him.

Naira runs from the class

Naira sees Kartik and goes to her seat. He asks the importance of HR management in business. Everyone raises hands, except Naira. She sees an incoming call and ignore it. He asks Naira to answer and she answers it witch confidence. He gets surprised and says that this was an easy question, lets try another one, define corporate sustainability.

Before she could answer she sees a message and gets shocked. She leaves and Kartik looks on shocked. Tanvi says don’t get her wrong, maybe something happened so she left. Kartik angrily tells everyone that he can’t stand this indiscipline. He talks to himslef saying that she has just have one answer to run away in any situation.

Naira asks about her dad and the guard points towards him, he tells her that he made them message her. Naira runs to Naitik and asks about his health. She insists for a doctor but Naitik assures her that he is feeling better. Naira scolds him for taking stress, Naitik thinks of stress that she is facing and hugs her hard.

Dadi is Missing

The Goenka’s return home. Surekha is frustrated as they canceled their plans for Dadi and she did not meet them. She argues with Akhilesha and Manish asks them not to fight in front of kid or else they will stop coming home from hostel.

Surekha leaves saying that the family has fallen apart, Naira and Kartik aren’t here and now Dadi went somewhere without informing them.  Akhilesh apologizes on her behalf but then adds that she isn’t entirely wrong as mom leaving suddenly and not contacting them is wrong.Manish asks Suwarna if Kartik has any idea. Suwarna says he has no idea, she thinks of calling Kirti.

Suwarna calls her and asks about Dadi. Kirti tells her that she has no idea. Suwarna tells her that they will inform her is they get to know anything. Kirti asks her that she sounds worried, Suwarna explains that she is tensed about Kartik.

Kirti abruptly cuts the call and Suwarns says maybe she felt bad, but it doesn’t mean that she don’t care for her. Manish suggests her to express her care towards Kirti like she expresses towards Kartik.

Naira gets scolded by the dean

Doctor checks Naitik and tells Naira that he is fins and advice him some rest. Naira hugs him and tells him that she feels guilty of taking him away from home and everyone. Naitik assures her that all is well, but she isn’t convinced about it.

Kartik goes to Dean and tells him about Naira’s leaving after he asked her a question. The Dean calls Naira and questions about it. Naira apologizes but he says that sorry won’t cut it, if she has no valid reason disciplinary action will be taken against her.

She gives them no explanation and Kartik debars him from his class for the entire session. Naira agrees to the punishment as Naitik is hearing her. The Dean tells Kartik to give him some time to solve the matter as teh girl might have had some genuine reason.

Kartik tells him that if they don’t take strict action, other students will do same. He adds that not accepting one’s mistakes is not pardonable and he can’t tolerate anyone’s ego.

Kartik learns about Naitik Health

Kartik comes home and Kritika chats up with him. She innocently tells him that Naitik went outside today and fainted. Naira had to rush from her college. She asks him if college students could do that or will they be punished by the teachers as well. Kartik is shocked on hearing this.

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