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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Romi refuses to give Roshni Shares

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update: Raman comes home and tells everyone that Ishita did not agree. Mrs. Bhalla starts crying and Raman tells her that he will offer 51% shares to Adi’s baby as security to entice Roshni and Ishita. Romi refuses to sign on the papers for the shares.

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Raman (Karan Patel) return home and everybody asks about Roshni. He tells everyone that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) didn’t agree as Roshni isn’t safe here after all that happened including his and Romi’s fight.

Mrs. Bhalla starts her melodrama zone and Raman consoles her. He assures her that he will get Roshni and Adi’s baby home.

Romi applies for a loan

Romi tells Mihika that he wants a loan for the new house, so they can move out as soon as possible. Although apprehensive about Romi’s decision Mihika supports him and hopes that everything gets sorted between the brothers.

Ishita realizes that Raman is right that she can’t keep an eye on Roshni all the time. So she calls and enquires about CCTV.

The bank official asks Romi that they will require some guarantee in the form of company shares or papers along with a guarantor, who has a good financial status. Romi thinks of talking to Raman about the same.

Raman decides to gift Adi’s baby shares

Dhruv, the lawyer comes home as Raman informs everyone that he plans to gift something to Roshni. Maybe securing the future of Adi’s child can convince Roshni.

His plan is to name 51 % of shares of a smaller company that he co-owns with Romi to Adi’s child. Roshni will be guardian till the child gets 18 years old. Mr. Bhalla doubts that Romi will agree to it but  Raman seems confidence.

Shagun apologize to Roshni

Mani and Shagun come to Ishita’s house, she hesitates at first but allows them inside eventually. Shagun apologizes to Roshni for yesterday and explains her intentions.

Roshni tells her that she agrees that she did wrong but the baby is not at fault, it is her son’s baby and needs her blessings. Shagun promise that she will do all she can do for the baby. Mani thanks Ishita and tells Shagun that she need to apologize to someone else too.

Shagun and Mani meet Aaliya at a cafe. Aaliya quickly forgives her but asks her to stay away from the Bhalla’s as they are angry at her. She suggests Shagun to give them some time to cool down, Shagun agrees and hugs Aaliya.

Ruhi comes to Ishit’s place and got tiffin for Roshni. Ishita invites her in. A man comes and she explains to him where to install cameras. He checks everything and tells her that installation will be done by today.  Ruhi questions about it Ishita tells her that it is to assure that Roshni is safe at all times.

Romi refuses to sign the papers

  Romi comes and apologizes for yesterday’s fight. Raman gives him the papers to read and sign, he gets shocked on seeing its content.

Romi questions the decision and Raman tells him the reason. Unconvinced Romi refuses to sign. Raman questions him about it and Romi tells Raman that he need the papers to take a loan for a house of his own.

Raman is shocked to hear this and tells Romi that he has a house. Romi reverts that it’s his house, he wants his own. Raman is hurt and angry on listening to this and tells Romi that he won’t get these papers.


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 In turn, Romi refuses to sign. Mr. Bhalla interjects that they need to think about Roshni and Adi’s child. But both Romi and Raman stick to their guns as Romi leaves.

Romi calls Mani and asks for help and Mani tells him that can’t do the same without talking to Raman about it. He ends the call and decides to take a loan from the market and get the new home anyhow. Mihika gets worried about him.

Parmeet has observed all this as he hatches a plan. He goes to  Simmi and hugs her. He tells her that Raman is going to give them money as he is planning to kidnap Roshni. Simmi is shocked.


Parmeet kidnaps Roshni and leaves behind a handkerchief there. Ishita gets shocked on seeing the Handkerchief.