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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Ishita agrees for the Godh Bharai

Bhalla's convince Ishita that they care for both Roshni and the baby

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 June 2018: The Bhalla’s finally manage to convince Ishita about the Godh Bharai. The twist in the tale will arrive when Ishita will learn their real intentions behind the pretend care.

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Roshni believes that Raman (Karan Patel) and the rest of the family are not entirely wrong. She tries to convince Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) about the same. Roshni tells her that the family might be annoyed with her, but they will love this child a lot, because this is Adi’s child.

Ishita questions her about her right on the child and will she simply hand over the child. Roshni tells her  she understand their feelings. Ishita applauds her greatness and puts forwards that even she wants Adi’s baby to get love and care but Aaliya might never be able to accept this child

She adds that no one is wrong here and the kid will have to bear the problems. Ishita gets a call leave hurriedly. Roshni realizes that Ishita had forgotten her wallet.

Parmeet instigated Aaliya

Amma gives prasad to Aaliya and tells her that she prayed for Roshni and her baby. Parmeet tries to instigate Aaliya by saying that everyone has forgotten about her hurt. Amma tries to convince Aaliya otherwise but she leaves the room without having the Prasad.

Romi surprises Mihika

Romi surprises or rather shocked Mihika by bringing her to an orphanage. He suggests her that since they are having a new home they should also have a child. Mihika complains that he should have consulted her first.

Romi manages to convince her. At the orphanage the lady tells adoption process to Romi and Mihika. She asks about entering his property details on their website. Romi says we have joint property, I m buying a house, its on my name, you tell me what I need to fill in the form. Mihik looks on.

 Shagun plans for bakery with Aaliya

Amma apologizes to Aaliya and she pardons hey. Shagun comes and greets them and tells that she is not here to discuss yesterday’s problem. She makes them taste some cookies and they loved it.

Shagun then tells them that she plans to open a bakery catering business. Since Mani can’t help, she requires Aaliya’s help. Aaliya gets excited about the idea and Amma offers her and Kiran’ s help as well. Shagun happily agrees, silently thanking Mani for the idea.

Shagun takes Pihu shopping

 Everyone returns home and Amma asks the status. Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Ishita thinks we will separate Roshni and baby. Amma says that’s the plan, Raman interjects saying that Ishita needs to be convinced if they want the baby.

Shagun see Pihu listening to the conversation as suggests shopping, Pihu hugs her. They leave. Pihu spots Roshni look into for cab and convinced Shagun to help her.

Shagun takes Roshni to her home and Parmeet is waiting for them there. He sort of try to shame Shagun for not caring for Aaliya. Mani shouts at him asks him to leave. While Shagun takes care of Roshni and serves her a juice. Roshni tells them that she needs to leave as she has to return Ishita’s wallet and phone to her.

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Ishita looks for her wallet and finds it missing, she pays for the stuff with the change she has. The guys take the bags from her and starts singing. Ruhi hugs her and shows the decorations and flash mob.

Everyone dances. Roshni, Mr. Bhalla, Raman, Ruhi and Mrs. Bhalla dance. Raman says that they did this to show that they care for child and Roshni a lot, now its her decision about the  godh bharai. As all of them ask her to agree, Ishita gives in. Raman invites her for lunch to dicuss further details.


Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Roshni and does her tilak.