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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update:  Bhalla family arrives at Ishita’s home

The Bhalla family decides to convince Ishita that they care both for the baby and Roshni

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 June 2018: Everyone thinks of ways to convince Ishita to let Roshni come at Bhalla house. Amma gives them an Idea and they start to lure Ishita and Roshni in.

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Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) wants Aaliya to come with them but she refuses. Mani and Shagun leave dishearteningly. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Aaliya for understanding. Aaliya leaves for her room without saying a word.

In her room Aaliya recalls Adi’s word. She decides not leave the house and let Roshni come here and give birth to the baby here. It is her way of taking revenge that she will give so much love to the baby that instead of Roshni the baby will call her mother. Roshni took Adi and Aaliya wants to take her baby from her.

Amma gives them an Idea

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) opens the door and sees everyone. Ruhi happily says that they have came to take Ishita, Roshni and the baby home. Raman (Karan Patel) affirms the same as all ask her to come along. Ishita wake up from the dream and feels relieved.

Everyone is trying to hatch a plan to convince Ishita and Roshni. Raman says Ishita will ask them why didn’t they come before. Amma comes there and agrees that the child should be with this family. She tells them she knows how to bring Roshni and child here. Raman asks how and Amma says we have to convince Ishita that we love the child, we can take good care of the child. Raman says its not easy.

Ishita is about to leave after giving Roshni some necessary advices. She opens the door to see everyone, she remembers her dream. Ishita invites everyone in the home.

Mani gives an Idea to Shagun

Shagun is lying the bed deprerssed when mani wakes her up. She tells him that she doesn’t want to as first she lost Adi and now she will loose Aaliya as well. Mani tells her that he has an Idea to solve the issue.

He asks her to open a catering business dealing in desserts and cookies to divert her mind. She ridicules it at first but Mani asks her to involve Aaliya in this, complain to her that I m not helping. Aaliya will surely join her and while working together their bonding will increase. Shagun gets excited by the idea and thanks Mani for the Idea.

 Bhalla family arrives at Ishita’s home

Ishita serves water to everyone as Roshni comes out in hall and sees everyone. Ruhi hugs her and Mrs. Bhalla asks her, how is the child. Ishita says child and mum are fine.

Ishita questions their presence to with Ramam replies that mum thinks Roshni’s godh bharai didn’t happen till now. Mrs. Bhalla adds that she want the baby to get blessings from all and to keep the rasam at home.

Ishita tells them their thought is correct but she questions their timing and the suddenness of the same. Raman sort of taunts her that people aren’t great like her, the needed time to decide. She does not need to boast that she took care of her.

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Ishita defend herself by saying yes she did take care of Roshni and the function can happen in this house as Roshni can be blessed anywhere,after Adi’s death. Raman taunts her again by saying that after Adi’s murdee as someone has killed him.

She says after Adi’s murder, no one thought for Roshni, she was alone, they all came here showing concern after 8 months. Mrs. Bhalla says they have come to fulfill their responsibilities towards child. Ishita asks what about Roshni and her child, she won’t let them take away the baby from Roshni.

Raman says they want our family heir, its Adi’s child. Ishita thinks Raman is just doing this for his mum’s sake and Mrs. Bhalla just wants the baby. Ruhi says please say yes, let Roshni come for godh bharai.

Ishita tells them that she need some time to think. Mr. Bhalla says think calmly and understand. Raman says lets go and all of them leave. Ishita hugs Roshni. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that as long as he is alive, they will have the baby.


Raman tells Ishita that they all care for child and Roshni.