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Naagin Season 3 16 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish success in killing Yuvi

Naagin Season 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Bella again tries to expose Vish’s truth but fails. Everyone is looking for Yuvi as he is missing from his own wedding. Vish finally manages to kill Yuvi.

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Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) sees Vish (Anita Hassanandani) at the Shiv temple. She is about to confront her, when Raavi comes there and takes her away. Vish spots them and changes her form hiding from them.

Bella comes back to the hotel and goes straight to Maahir ( Pearl V Puri). She informs him that she saw Vish at a nearby temple. When Maahir tries to calm her down, she forces him to come with her to Vish’s room to check .

Bella decides to end the marriage

Bella is in for a shock, when they arrive at Vish’s room as Yuvi ( Ankit Mohan) is in her room.  Bella breaks down seeing Yuvi with Vish and tells Maahir that she can’t go forward with this marriage.

Yuvi tries to cover up and explains Bella that he was just sitting with her to calm his nerves down. But as luck would have it Raavi comes in tells Yuvi that she have had been waiting for him in her room for all the while.

Bella walks away more hurt and decides that she can’t trust Yuvi and shall not go ahead with the marriage. Maahir manages to do some damage control as by convincing Bella that Yuvi is a changed man and he really loves her.

Maahir confronts Yuvi and Vish

Maahir confronts Yuvi about his womanizer ways. Yuvi clears him that their is nothing between him and Vish or Raavi. He swears on God that he’s not cheating on Bella. Maahir warns him about it and leaves.

Vish is loudly plotting kill everyone one by one but is surprised by see Maahir coming into his room. She recovers soon and tries to distract him by seducing him. Maahir doesn’t fall into her antics and warns her that she better stays away from Yuvi and Bella or he wouldn’t spare her. After he leaves, Vish wonders why is she suddenly feeling attracted to Maahir.

Vish fools Yuvi

Next morning, Maahir goes to the jail to release Adi but Vish reaches there first and stings him. Although her sting fails as Adi is not dead as of yet.

At the hotel, Yuvi gets an anonymous letter from a girl asking him to come down and meet her. Yuvi, excitedly goes down to meet him and spots Raavi there. However, it is not Raavi it is Vish who has changed her form.

Raavi asks Yuvi to get into the car and he jumps into the car. He asks Reeva where are they going to which she replies, “Hell”. While the entire family looks out for Yuvi at the wedding venue.

Raavi (Vish) drives him to an isolated place and Yuvi freaks out seeing Raavi turn into Vish. He gets out of the car and starts running for help. Vish tells him that he can’t escape his death Yuvi continues to runs and Vish chases him down. She shows him her true form and reminds him of his misdeeds. She adds that he has to pay the price and eventually kills him.


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Maahir is Guilty

Maahir tries hard to reach out to Yuvi and gets worried that he is not picking up his calls. He then thinks of telling Bella that Yuvi is missing.

Maahir is guilt ridden as it was he who convinced Bella for Yuvi. When he sees Bella as a bride and hesitates from telling her anything.

Bella sees him and tells him that after he asked him to believe Yuvi, she is really sure about him and wants to give him a second chance. Maahir leaves guiltier than over. Vish is sitting on her throne and rejoices Yuvi’s death.


Maahir realizes that Yuvi is not going to return so he decides to go as Bella’s groom in decide. But Bella finds out and calls off the marriage.