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Kumkum Bhagya 18 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Tanu questions Abhi on Pragya’s visit

Abhi decides to prove that he is better than King

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Pragya tries to hide but Dadi sees her. Dadi expresses her wish of seeing the duo together, but Pragya tells her that is not a possibility. Tanu learns of her visit and questions Abhi about it.

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Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) tells Pragya (Sriti Jha) that he will do the world album and prove that he is the best. Pragya leaves from the room and hides on hearing Dadi’s voice as she calls Robin.

Dadi sees her and asks her if she is here to meet Abhi secretly. She hugs Pragya and tells her that she wants her and Abhi to unite. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words and tells Dadi that she can’t come back and stay in the house.

Abhi calls King and informs him about his decision. King wonders about Abhi’s random mood swings and informs Pragya about the same.

Dasi and Tanu return from the party and Tanu complains that she won’t go again. Dadi taunts her that next time, Pragya will go with Abhi. Tanu dismisses this and asks her to come out of her illusion. Dadi tells her that Pragya came here and met Abhi and her. Tanu gets angry on Dadi and leaves.  Dasi asks Dadi if Pragya really came, Dadi says yes and gets emotional.

Tanu talks to Abhi

Tanu is tensed as thinks Pragya can’t return to Abhi’s life. She thinks of asking Abhi about her importance in his life. Abhi picks the handkerchief which is fallen from Pragya’s hand and thinks it fell by mistake so that he can have her presence. Tanu comes there and thinks Abhi might be feeling Pragya’s handkerchief touching it. She takes the handkerchief and burns it as Abhi tries to stop her.

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 Tanu tells Abhi that she won’t sit quietly if he betrays her. She adds that they have been married for 5 years and he didn’t allow her in the room, but he brought Pragya to this room.

Abhi slaps her hard and reminds her that their marriage was a deal and he told her all clauses clearly beforehand. Tanu agrees to the same but tells him that he did not accept him as his wife. She questions Abhi and Pragya’s relationship.

Abhi sadly tells her that Pragya likes someone else now and don’t love him now. He adds that he still loves Pragya, but women who came in today was not Pragya. She is his enemy’s wife and he has no right to her.

Tanu asks her reason on visiting him. Abhi tells her that Pragya was here to celebrate his defeat and his rival’s victory. He adds that she is a changed women now and he hates her husband a lot. Abhi tells her that now he will prove that he is the best in the music world. Tanu apologizes and leaves.

Kiara talks to Abhi and tells him that his mum will meet her tomorrow. Abhi asks really? Kiara says my mum never break a promise.