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Kumkum Bhagya 1 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Abhi senses the presence of Pragya at the Party

Abhi and Pragya will finally come face to face soon.

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1 June 2018: Abhi arrives alone at King’s party and starts sensing Pragya’s presence. Kiara visits Sunny’s home and everyone remembers Pragya after seeing her.

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Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) arrives at King’s house for the part. Pragya (Sriti Jha) closes a window as Abhi senses her presence and look towards the window. He enters the party thinking why is he feeling Pragya around.

The Client greets Abhi as a servant comes to him and asks his seating preference. Abhi question Tarun about the party decorator and Tarun tells him it’s King’s wife. Abhi is impressed and now wants to see King’s wife even more.

Kiara treats Dadi cramp

Sunny is playing football in the house. Dadi asks him for a throw, but she couldn’t catch the ball and falls. Dasi scolds Sunny for it. Kiara comes at that moment and asks what has happened.

Mitali asks her who is she and Kiara tells them she is Sunny’s friend. Kiara checks Dadi’s foot and calls her super Dadi. She then instructs Mitali to bring hot water and Tai Ji to bring Mustard oil. Dadi and Dasi instantly reminisce Pragya. They ask Kiara how does she know all this.

Kiara tells them her mother used to do the same for her. Dadi and Dasi get emotional as they remember and miss Pragya. Dadi tells Dasi that for a moment she saw Pragya in the kid.

Abhi is shocked

King compliments Pragya, she tells him that it was his image at stake she ought to look good. He tells her to apply ‘Kaala Tika’. King spots Abhi and welcomes him, they shake hands. He enquires about Abhi’s wife and tells him that his wife doesn’t prefer to come here as she knows she will get bored here.

Abhi asks about King’s wife. King calls out for Pragya, Abhi gets shocked on listening to the name. King tells him that they got married 7 years back in London. Abhi enquires about her and King tells him that he will just get her.

Abhi tries to look at her, but some people come in between and he cannot see the face. He recalls that King mentioned London and thinks it can’t be his Pragya.

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Kiara meets Disha

Kiara comes into Disha’s room and appraises her. Disha remembers Pragya and tells Kiara that she wants to meet her mother. She tells Disha that her mother is busy today.

Disha says ok and tells Sunny to call Kiara often. Disha goes to bring project material and Kiara asks Sunny about Abhi whereabout. She tells him that she wants to thank him and that he can keep her doll. Sunny asks what is this doll matter? Kiara says it is a secret.

Abhi has still not recovered as he feels Pragya around her again. Pragya steps near him and drinks water from a glass. Lost, Abhi picks the same glass and drinks, he notices the lipstick mark and turns. But Pragya is gone by then.

Pragya is about to turn in Abhi’s direction when King calls her and tells that he wants her to meet someone. He pleads with her to take his side in front of her. They walk towards Abhi.

King calls him rockstar and asks him to meet his wife. He moves. Pragya and Abhi come face to face. They get emotional.