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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Karthik unwillingly comes to Mumbai

Still withholding anger against Naira, Karthik reaches Mumbai for some work

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2018: Manish sneakily sends Karthik off to Mumbai and wishes he and Naira come face to face and clear off their differences. The duo continues to miss each other a lot. 

Karthik is startled in his sleep as he feels that he is hearing Naira’s voice. He takes a swig of his drink and tries to forgo all thought of Naira.

When Manish and Suwarna visit him in the morning, he is already awake. Suwarna observes that Karthik has fever and motors into a hyper maternal role. She suggests that he should not go to Mumbai, but Manish contests it thinking he needs to go.

Naksh is saddened

Naitik gets a call from Naksh. Naksh asks him if he checked the papers that were sent earlier. Naitik apologizes that he wasn’t able to check as he was handling some issues of Naira.

Although Naitik tells him that he will surely check the papers soon, Naksh is saddened and cuts the phone. Kirti observes this and thinks that an issue in one relationship has affected all others. She hopes Karthik and Naira sort things out between them and in turn, everything will fall back to its original position again.

Naira and Karthik sense each other

Naira is at the bandstand and she sees frog toys that make her remember Karthik everywhere. She cries and rushes out of their thinking why is she getting such signals.

While she is standing she senses something in the car that is passing by. Karthik is in the car and he senses her too. He tries to look at the road, while she tries to look inside the car but a biker hinders their vision. They both feel disheartened.

Karthik and Naira reaches the college

Manish tells Kirti that Karthik has finally gone to Mumbai, they pray that the duo finally meets.

Kartik and Naira reach the college. They cross each other without spotting each other. He sees the admission list and sees Singhania Naina on the list, he gets angry that why is he thinking about Naira.

The Agarwals Invitation

An invitation arrives both the houses stating that the function starts from today. In the Singhania house, Devyani refuses to go but Bhabhi maa tells her that this family was close to Dadaji’s heart and she would go along with Kirti and Naksh.

In the Goenka House, Suwarna puts her foot down that no one will go. Manish objects to her decision and finally convinces her to attend the party.

Naira gets admission

It turns out that Singhania Naina was Naira, and it was a spelling mistake. Naira confirms this from the administrative office while Karthik is standing in the background talking to the principal. They miss each other again.

Whereas Naitik and Chitti are at the temple to pray for Naira and Karthik. Kirti sends Karthik an address, in the lieu of getting medicines for Bhabhimaa. At first, Karthik doesn’t want to but he eventually asks the driver to take him there.

Naira also takes a cab for the same address. They both are approaching the address as the GPS of both the vehicles suggest.

Manish says if Kartik didn’t go there, where did he go, I wish he gets Naira. Naitik says I m sure your life will get good changes. Manish says I wish something good happens there. Kartik reaches Naira’s house.

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