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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Romi wants to shift to a new home

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 May 2018: Raman again returns home in an inebriated state and Ruhi tries to reason with him to no avail. Romi wants to shift to a new home as he is fed up the regular fights, but Mihika does not agree. Pihu has a toothache and wants Ishita to treat it.

Ishita sees the picture of Raman with another woman again and feels sad. She thinks, she trusts Raman but he has drinking excessively. Ishita calls Ruhi and asks about Raman.

Ruhi tells her that she daily calls her to know when does Raman returns and does not sleep until he returns. She adds that Raman doesn’t understand what he is doing to her. Ishita tells her that she will continue to do so until Raman overcomes his sorrow.

Raman returns home drunk

The lady hints Raman to take a room and spend the night together. Raman agrees and asks the manager to book a room. But Raman soon leaves telling her to have a good night. He tells the lady that she was just a distraction and a way to hurt someone. He hands her the room keys and leaves, crying and thinking about Adi.

Raman comes home and Ruhi messages Ishita about him. Ishita messages back and asks Ruhi to take care of him. She wishes that they soon get back together.

Ruhi tries to reason with Raman

Ruhi wakes Raman up clean the broken pieces of glass lying around. She scolds him for being so careless and not listening to anyone. Raman reverts back to her by saying that don’t speak Ishita language. He asks her to spot spying on her and not to create drama every day.

Romi decides to shift homes

Mihika tries to do some payment but the transaction is declined. Worried, she asks Roni about it. Romi tells her that he has withdrawn the money to make the down payment on their new house. Mihika is shocked to hear this and questions him about it.

Romi tells her that he just can’t live in this broken family anymore. He is fed up by troubles Simmi and Raman create on a daily basis. so he wants to shift to a new house for some peace and happiness. Mihika tells him that this is their home and she will not leave this home at any cost.

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Roshni overhears that Raman’s office will get a raid

Roshini is at Ishita’s clinic, as she is treating someone. While Roshni is on a call she overhears the patient’s mother talking to someone on the phone. The lady says that they have to raid Raman’s office and no one shall know about it. Roshini is shocked on hearing this and thinks of informing Raman.

Pihu has pain in her Tooth

Pihu is not eating anything and Raman scolds her. She tells him that she has swelling and pain in her tooth. Raman calls another doctor to treat Pihu, but she wants Ishita and sends the doctor back.

Raman apologizes to the doctor and gets angry on Pihu. He goes out and sees Roshni….

Ishita plays with Ruhi and Pihu. Roshni joins. They smile. Ishita gets shocked seeing Raman at the door.