Sandra Bullock’s stalker Joshua James Corbett, Dies After Police Standoff 2

A man matching the description of Sandra Bullock’s stalker Joshua James Corbett killed himself after a police standoff. While the Los Angeles Police Department did not release the man’s name, a spokesperson confirmed to PEOPLE that officers arrived at an address matching that of Corbett early Wednesday morning.

In 2014, Corbett was tried and sentenced for stalking Bullock and breaking into Bullock’s home. At that time it was reported, that he had two dozen illegal firearms and ammunition in his residence.

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On Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department served a warrant at the La Crescenta, Calif. home of Joshua Corbett, 42. While police did not confirm the nature of the warrant, reports suggest that the suspect failed to show up for a hearing related to his probation on April 23.

Sandra Bullock’s stalker Joshua James Corbett, Dies After Police Standoff 2

According to the LAPD spokesperson, ” the suspect barricaded himself inside” the home after officers arrived at Corbett’s residence. he adds  “SWAT was on scene due to suspect’s threat of violence towards police.”

It is reported that he claimed that he has weapons and threatened to kill the officers who responded to the incident. The Crisis negotiators spent five hours attempting to convince Corbett to come out of his home. In the end, they entered the house and found the suspect dead.

Corbett died of a self-inflicted wound following the standoff. Although the nature of the wound was not revealed, it was confirmed to not be caused by a gunshot.

Following a standoff, he died of a self-inflicted injury. Police would not confirm the nature of the injury but noted it was not a gunshot wound.