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Kumkum Bhagya 24 May 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Tanu is freaked out after she spotted Pragya

On one hand, Tanu is obviously doesn't want Pragya to return and on the other side, King and Abhi might join hands for an Album.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 24 May 2018: Tanu is scared after she saw Pragya in the hotel. Abhi and King come face to face again, but this time the client almost convinced them to work together. 

Tanu sees Pragya

Tanu sees Pragya and hides inside the loo. She then tries to follow her to affirm that it is Pragya. Her worries skyrockets as she spots Abhi coming their way.

Tanu tries to stop Abhi, but he ill-treats. He tells her that they might be living together but aren’t together. Pragya and Abhi both leaves without noticing each other.

Abhi and Sunny

At home, Sunny denies going to school. Abhi questions him about it and learns that a girl is teasing him. Without knowing that the girl is Kiara, Abhi suggests Sunny to tease and prank her. Sunny gets busy in hatching a plan against Kiara and packs some stuff in his school bag.

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Tanu and Suwarni Dadi

Tanu is hysterical and roaming across the room. She decided to do some inquiry about Pragya from the hotel and see Suwarni Dadi. She recalls that Dadi mentioned seeing Pragya some days back.

Looking at her pale form Dadi questions her if she has seen Pragya. Dadi further teases her to book her self a ‘Dharamshala’ as Pragya will be in the house soon and she will soon be out of it.

Abhi and King come face to face

Abhi arrives at the meeting and sees King again. Both of them enter a quarrel again when the client convinces them to listen to his idea.

He shows them some graph of their popularity in London and India. Then entice them by suggesting a massive increase in their fan base if they collaborate. The Duo upfront says no for working together, but the client has cozied them up for the idea by showing them how much their fans want them to come together.

Some Goons decide to hide in Kiara and Sunny’s school. Abhi gets a call and panics. Pragya calls at school number and thinks Principal is not picking the call, thinks if everything is fine.