Jacqueline and Salman forces a young boy for a Hug, trolls interferes saying 'no means no'

Jacqueline and Salman: The fans and followers of Jacqueline are currently standing at a juncture. Some feel that was an innocent act of hugging a kid. While others condemn her action as the boy clearly said no and ‘no means no’

Let’s start from the start, it all started when Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan, and Anil Kapoor were making the rounds to promote their Eid 2018 release, Race 3. The trio graced the sets of Colors’ newest dance reality show, Dance Deewane. While there Jacky wanted a Hug from a young kid, who denied her. In all fun and games, Salman took her on the stage and asked the kid to give her a hug.

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Here’s what happened

Although the kid doesn’t seem to be happy about the same, Jacqueline got her hug. What happened next is that she posted a video of the same on her Instagram account.

What was meant to be a cute video by the actress has raised multiple eyebrows. A lot of her followers are questioning her actions as the boy clearly said no. The remaining lot is protecting her, clarifying on her behalf that this was just an innocent moment.

This is what some has to say

” soubhikkar – A no means no @jacquelinef143 i guess thats what you guys are tryin to spread right? Then why the hell that boy is being forced to hug you when salman doesn’t have the consent of the boy …you double standard rich bastards #fakepeople @beingsalmankhan #nomeansno  now please don’t come up with a excuses that it was done just in fun manner and all stop standing for those ideology and social message that you guys don’t follow “

[email protected] first of all, this is a scripted show. Stop getting outraged at trivial things like scripted shows, grow up. As kids I too had to kiss relatives and hug family members even though I didn’t want to and clearly said so. But guess what! I didn’t grow up to be a rapist! Your entire argument is so retarded, I have been laughing for 10mins straight.. Even better, you aren’t even the only retard outraged here ?”

Although Instagram is still debating the topic, it doesn’t feel like the kid took it to his heart as he was soon dancing with the duo.


While we might not know the verdict of the debate as their seldom one, we hope the child is ok and that Jacqueline is handling the situation well.

‘Race 3’ is all set to release on June 15th and stars Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Saqib Saleem, Daisy Shah and Bobby Deol.

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