First Period A short film on Menstruation Taboo, made by Mozez Singh and supported by Twinkle Khanna

First Period: Have you ever wondered, how would the world react to Menstruation and the Taboo’s related to it if Men were to go through it month after month. Well on the occasion of the World Menstrual Day, today Mozez Singh released a short film on the topic. Twinkle Khanna, an active advocate of the cause has extended her support as well.

Daring to challenge the norms and taboo’s of our society Twinkle Khanna first ventured into the production with Pad Man. Now, Mrs.Funny bones support a unique short film written and directed by Mozez Singh.

First Day

The film revolves around the first day of the first period, but with a twist. It’s from a boy’s viewpoint in a world where women don’t exist, and the tables are flipped. Catch the short film here.

The filmmaker was approached by Dasra, a strategic philanthropy foundation that nurtures powerful partnerships to create massive social change. Talking to the media Singh shares his experience

“When I was approached by Dasra, the NGO behind the film alongside The Gates Foundation, their brief was they wanted men to be involved in the conversation about menstrual hygiene. So, we wrote a script where we showed everything from a man’s point of view and how in that world it’s all perfect and empowering. It raises the question why can’t this happen in a woman’s world and forces you to neutralize gender disparity. First Period is another voice in that conversation.”

While he was working on the Movie, he asked Twinkle for a feedback. The Columnist has been largely responsible for making menstrual hygiene a topic of conversation with her book and film. Singh tells the media, how Twinkle was impressed with his efforts on seeing the short film

“She felt the film made a solid and forceful point and she offered her support immediately. I remain indebted to her,” 

Well, we extend our support to the film, it makers and the lady in question as well. We hope and pray for a world where periods are talked about so openly. Cheers to such small steps towards the massive milestone.

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