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VIVO IPL 2018, MI vs DD Live Score: Mumbai and Delhi Clash to open their Account

IPL 2018 MI vs DD

VIVO IPL 2018, MI vs DD: Mumbai Indians confronted an equally struggling Delhi Daredevils at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai in match 9. After a disastrous start of two successive defeats, both MI and DD were both looking for a win. Delhi Daredevils managed to outdo Mumbai Indians’ tricky target of 194 and won the match with 7 wickets.

Match Summary 

Delhi Daredevils won the Toss and opted to field first. The battle between DD and MI was a nail-biting match that extended to the very last ball of the match.

Mumbai started off really well, but Delhi controlled the run rate in the later over by taking important wickets. MI posted a tricky target of 194 for the daredevils.

DD faced their fair share of hiccups but managed to win by 7 wickets. Most intriguing was the last over where they required 11 runs from 6 balls Roy struck 10 runs in the first two balls and then missed the next three balls. Then Delhi needed one run in the last ball and fortunately for them, Roy managed the same.

Delhi Daredevils happily opened their account on the points board but Mumbai, whereas merely missed to register a win in IPL 2018.

IPL 2018, MI vs DD Live Score Streaming

Delhi Daredevils wins by 7 wickets.

Delhi Daredevils wins the Toss and opt to bowl

MI: 194/7, DD 195/3

Innings 2:

Over 20: 194/3, A very intense over. Roy starts with a 4 and a 6 tieing the score. Then he misses the next few balls taking the situation to –  1 run needed from 1 ball. Lastly, he manages that 1 run winning DD their first match of the season. Mustafizur Rahman bowled the last over. Jason Roy 91(53), Shreyas Iyer 27(20)

Over 19: 184/3, In this, over DD scores 5 runs. Jaspreet Bumrah bowls his fourth over. Jason Roy 80(47), Shreyas Iyer 27(20)

Over 18: 179/3, In this, over DD scores 8 runs. Mustafizur Rahman is back into the attack. Jason Roy 76(44), Shreyas Iyer 22(17)

Over 17: 171/3, In this over DD scores 11 runs all thanks to an unlimited missed catches DD is going really strong. Jaspreet Bumrah couldn’t manage a miracle that MI required. Between Iyer and Roy, the over had two 4’s and a 6. Jason Roy 76(43), Shreyas Iyer 19(12)

Over 16: 160/3, In this over DD scores 12 runs including a 6 from Roy and a 4 from Iyer. Krunal Pandya proves expensive in this over.  Jason Roy 71(40), Shreyas Iyer 13(9)

Over 15: 148/3, In this over DD scores 11 runs including a 6 from Iyer. Akila Dananjaya comes back into the attack. Jason Roy 64(37), Shreyas Iyer 8(6)

Over 14: 137/3, In this over DD scores just 3 runs and loses maxwell’s 13(6) wicket as he gets Caught by Hardik Pandya. Krunal Pandya works his spell again. Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease. Jason Roy 61(35), Shreyas Iyer 1(2)

Over 13: 134/2, In this over DD scores 15 runs. Mayank Markande couldn’t rein in the batsmen.  axwell clears his intentions with a 6 and a 4 in the last two balls of the over. Jason Roy 59(32), Glenn Maxwell 13(5)

Over 12: 119/2, In this over DD scores 6 runs and loses Pant’s 47(25) wicket as he gets caught by Pollard. Krunal Pandya comes into the attack,  Pant welcomes him with a 4 on the first ball. Pandya takes his wicket in return. Glenn Maxwell comes to the crease. Jason Roy 57(30), Glenn Maxwell 0(1)

Over 11: 113/1, In this over DD scores 9 runs and Roy completes his half-century. Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. Roy sends the ball across the boundary. Jason Roy 56(29), Rishabh Pant 42(21)

Over 10: 104/1, DD is gearing up, as the partnership of 50 comes up along with 100 for the team. In this over DD scores 19 runs. Akila Dananjaya gives an expensive over with two 6’s a 4 by Pant. Jason Roy 49(26), Rishabh Pant 40(18)

Over 9: 85/1, In this over DD scores 17 runs. Mayank Markande gives an expensive over with two 4’s by pant and a 6 by Roy. Jason Roy 48(25), Rishabh Pant 22(13)

Over 8: 68/1, In this over DD scores 5 runs. Akila Dananjaya comes back into the attack. Jason Roy 41(23), Rishabh Pant 12(9)

Over 7: 63/1, In this over DD scores 10 runs. Mayank Markande comes back into the attack. Pant sends scores back to back boundaries on 4th and 5th ball. Jason Roy 38(19), Rishabh Pant 10(7)

Over 6: 53/1, In this over DD scores just 3 runs and Gambhir 15(16) goes as he is caught by MI’s captain Rohit Sharma on the first ball. Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good over. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. Jason Roy 36(17), Rishabh Pant1(1)

Over 5: 50/0, In this over DD found some success with 21 runs. Hardik Pandya proves expensive again. Captain Gambhir starts the over with a 4 and Roy joins in with two back to back 6’s and a boundary. Gautam Gambhir 14(14) Jason Roy 19(11)

Over 4: 29/0, In this over DD scores just 4 runs. Mustafizur Rahman comes into the attack. Gautam Gambhir 10(13) Jason Roy 19(11)

Over 3: 25/0, In this over DD scores just 2 runs. Jasprit Bumrah bowls a tidy over. Gautam Gambhir 8(10) Jason Roy 17(8)

Over 2: 23/0, In this over DD scores 12 runs with a 6 and a 4 from Roy on the 2nd and 4th ball respectively. Akila Dananjaya comes into the attack. Gautam Gambhir 6(4) Jason Roy 17(8)

Over 1: 11/0, In this over DD starts with 11 runs. Roy and Gambhir are at the crease. Hardik Pandya will open the attack. Roy and Gambhir send the 3rd and 6th ball respectively across the boundary. Gautam Gambhir 5(3) Jason Roy 6(3)

Innings 1:

Over 20: 194/7, In this over MI finishes with 7 runs and Hardik Pandya gets caught by Shreyas Iyer on the first ball. Trent Boult comes to bowl the last over of the first inning. Mayank Markande comes to the crease. Akila Dananjaya 4(5), Mayank Markande 4(3)

Over 19: 187/6, In this over MI scores just 4 runs and Krunal Pandya gets caught by Rahul Tewatia. Shammi comes back for his last over and leaves with a wicket. Akila Dananjaya comes to the crease. Hardik Pandya 2(2), Akila Dananjaya 2(3)

Over 18: 183/5, In this over MI scores 7 runs and the captain Rohit Sharma’s 18(15) wicket as he gets Caught by Roy. Trent Boult comes back to cast a spell. Hardik Pandya comes to the crease. Krunal Pandya 10(8), Hardik Pandya 1(1)

Over 17: 176/4, In this over MI scores 9 runs. Shammi comes back for his third over. Krunal Pandya sends the second ball across the boundary. Rohit Sharma 16(13), Krunal Pandya 7(5)

Over 16: 167/4, In this over MI scores 9 runs and losses two wickets as Ishan Kishan and his replacement Kieron Pollard gets Bowled back to back. Daniel Christian shakes up the MI batting line up. Krunal Pandya comes to the crease. Rohit Sharma 13(11), Krunal Pandya 1(1)

Over 15: 158/2, In this over MI gains back momentum with 9 runs. Shami comes into the attack. Ishan sweeps in two boundaries. Ishan Kishan 36(19), Rohit Sharma 13(11)

Over 14: 149/2, In this over MI gains back momentum with 8 runs. Daniel Christian comes into the attack. Rohit manages a boundary in the last ball. Ishan Kishan 27(14), Rohit Sharma 13(10)

Over 13: 141/2, In this over MI gains back momentum with 18 runs including a boundary and two 6’s from Ishan. Rahul Tewatia delivers an expensive over. Ishan Kishan 25(11), Rohit Sharma 7(7)

Over 12: 122/2, In this MI returns back in the game with 11 runs including a boundary each by the two batsmen on the crease.  Glen Maxwell comes back into the attack. Ishan Kishan 8(7), Rohit Sharma 6(5)

Over 11: 111/2, In this MI scores just 4 runs and loses Yadav’s 53(32) wicket as he gets LBW. Rahul Tewatia comes back for another wicket. Captain Rohit Sharma comes to the crease.  Ishan Kishan 2(3), Rohit Sharma 1(3)

Over 10: 107/1, In this over MI scores 5 runs as Suryakumar Yadav completes his half-century off 29 balls. Glen Maxwell serves a tidy over. Ishan Kishan comes to the crease. Suryakumar Yadav 51(30), Ishan Kishan 1(2)

Over 9: 102/1,In this over a hundred comes up for MI scores 5 runs but loses Lewis’48(28) wicket as he gets caught by Roy. Rahul Tewatia finally manages to create a dent in the partnership of 101(52) in the last ball. Ishan Kishan comes to the crease. Suryakumar Yadav 47(26)

Over 8: 92/0, In this over MI scores 5 runs.Glenn Maxwell comes in to save the sinking ship of Delhi. Suryakumar Yadav 45(24), Evin Lewis 40(24)

Over 7: 87/0, In this over MI scores 3 runs. Rahul Tewatia delivers a tidy over. Suryakumar Yadav 43(22), Evin Lewis 38(20)

Over 6: 84/0, In this over MI ends the powerplay in style with 18 runs. Daniel Christian comes into the attack and this time Lewis welcomes him with three 4’s and one 6. Suryakumar Yadav 41(20), Evin Lewis 37(16)

Over 5: 66/0, In this over MI makes a swooping 14 runs. Mohammed Shami comes into the attack and Yadav welcomes him with 6 and a 4 on the first and second ball respectively. Suryakumar Yadav 41(20), Evin Lewis 19(10)

Over 4: 52/0, In this over MI maintains great speed with 12 as 50 comes up for them. Shahbaz Nadeem returns for another over and can’t rein in the batsmen. Yadav and Lewis hit a 4 and 6 respectively. Suryakumar Yadav 27(14), Evin Lewis 19(10)

Over 3: 40/0, In this over MI is on fire as they score 15 runs with the help of two 4’s and a 6. Trent Boult delivers yet another expensive over. Suryakumar Yadav 22(11), Evin Lewis 13(7)

Over 2: 25/0, In this over MI scores 10 runs. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. A misfielded by Maxwell gives Yadav a boundary on the first ball. Suryakumar Yadav 13(7), Evin Lewis 7(5)

Over 1: 15/0, In this over MI scores 15 runs. Boult opens the attack for DD. Suryakumar Yadav and Lewis are at the crease in full swing, between them they manage three boundaries. Suryakumar Yadav 7(4), Evin Lewis 4(2)

The match will start in some time at 4:00 pm IST, Star Sports the official broadcast partner will telecast the match live. You can even watch the live match online on Hotstar as well.

Match Preview

The defending champion, Mumbai has already won the IPL thrice under Rohit Sharma’s lead and is one of the most successful teams in IPL decade. Whereas, Delhi never had a chance of holding the trophy and is gunning to win the coveted title under veteran opener Gautam Gambhir’s guidance.

The only two teams to have lost both their games so far, are battling it out today in the match no. 9. Going by statistics, Mumbai does seem upper hand over Delhi as the latter has only been able to register one victory at the Wankhede. But as they say – you never know in the game of cricket, we shall wait and watch who triumphs.

DD lost one match to KL Rahul’s assault and other mostly due to the rain break. None of their power-hitters could pull it together and stick to the crease.  Neither their balling line up made a lasting impression.

For Mumbai Indians, their batting line up is not up to its full strength as not even one of their batsman has scored a half-century in their two matches so far. Over the years, Mumbai has been guilty of being poor starters in the tournament. They will have to gear up today if they want to survive this season.

MI – Probable XI

Evin Lewis, Rohit Sharma(c), Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman

DD – Probable XI

Gautam Gambhir (c), Colin Munro, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Chris Morris, Rahul Tewatia, Mohammed Shami, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult