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Pregnant Cardi B’s performance in skintight dress on ‘La Modela’ slays the audiences.

Pregnant Cardi B performs with Ozuna

Cardi B in her 7th month of pregnancy gives a mind blogging performance at the Billiboard Latin Music Awards held on 26th April 2018. She paired up with Ozuna to perform on ‘La Modela’ and fans have been left mesmerised. Watch the breathtaking performance here.

Cardi B blessed fans with a mesmerising performance.

Cardi B had announced that Broccoli City festival in Washington D.C. would be here last performance before her delivery. She unexpectedly mesmerised the audiences with her performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on 26th April 2018 at Las Vegas. She had even teased before the beginning of the show saying:
“Make sure you all to tune in to my performance with my good old friend,”
Cardi B along with her friend Ozuna brought the audiences on their feet as they gave an epic performance on the super hit song ‘La Modela’.

Cardi B awestruck all with her outfit.

Pregnant Cardi B performs with Ozuna
Pregnant Cardi B performs with Ozuna

What struck everyone’s attention besides her performance was her lavender sequin dress. Cardi B rocked in her gorgeous lavender skin fitted dress with sequin accents. The dress flaunted her growing baby bump. You can watch her performance here.

Ozuna on his collaboration with Cardi B.

Ozuna revealed that he had collaborated with many artists in the past and most of the time it was him performing on someone else’s track. But today it was his track and he never got an opportunity to bring someone like Cardi into it in the past. He praised her saying that she’s and amazing woman with a great command on English as well as Spanish.

We are certainly going to miss Cardi’s on stage presence but obviously baby and her health is the priority. Cardi B is due in July but she has still kept the sex of her baby a secret. We are assuming it to be a baby girl as a lot of girl presents have been received by her including the Cheetah print jacket by Jimmy Kimmel.

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