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K. L. Saigal Songs: Google remembers him in a very special manner on his 114th birthday.

K L Saigal Google Doodle.

The Indian Superstar who died at a young age of 42, became an inspiration of many veteran singers including Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

K.L. Saigal’s Google Doodle.

Worlds biggest search engine Google remembered today 11th April 2018 in a very special manner by preparing a doodle for India’s one of the greatest actor cum Singer – K.L. Saigal on his 114th birth anniversary. Born on 11th April 1904, K.L. Saigal is considered to be India’s first ever Superstar.

About K.L. Saigal.

K L Saigal.

A hint of K.L.Saigal’s superiority can be taken from the fact that in those days he had sung more than 200 filmy songs. Famous for his varied style, he even published albums which are cherished by even the youngsters of today. It was K.L.Saigal only who on the basis of songs took the Indian film Industry to the next level. His songs like Jab Dil Hi Tut gaya, Ek Bangla bane nyara, Do Naina Matwale Tihare etc have a special place in the people’s heart even today.

K.L. Saigal’s journey in the film industry.

Entering the film industry in 1931-32, K.L. Saigal made his mark in very few years only. He single handedly ruled the Indian film industry from 1935 to 1947. According to a report after entering the film industry, In his 15 years career K.L. Saigal worked in more than 36 films. Of the 36 films 28 were Hindi films while he worked in 8 Bengali films as well. His popular works include ‘President’, ‘My Sister’, ‘Chandi Das’, ‘Bhakt Surdas’. Later on he became an inspiration for veteran singers Lara Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Google has today prepared a doodle in the memory of this veteran. In the photo which Google has used in its doodle, K.L. Saigal is seen singing a song. Behind his photo we can see historical monuments of Kolkata. This is because in the past, Kolkata used to be the house for Bollywood. It was years later that it shifted to Mumbai.