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IPL 2018, RR vs DD Live Cricket Score: Rajasthan Royals will take on Delhi Daredevils after Two years

After the Rain cleared up Delhi Daredevils was presented with a target of 71 runs in 6 overs but they failed to achieve it and lost the match by 10 runs.

IPL 2018 RR vs DD

IPL 2018, RR vs DD Live Cricket Score: Rajasthan Royals returns to their home ground – Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur after two-years, for a battle with Delhi Daredevils. The Home team must thank the Rain Gods for saving their sinking ship. Rajasthan Royals wins the Match no. 6 by 10 Runs (D/L Method). 

Match Summary 

Rajasthan Royals won by 10 runs (D/L Method). Well, not just the audience but the weather of their home ground supported RR. Delhi Daredevils won the toss and opt to bowl. RR struggled during their first inning and managed 153/5 in 17.5 overs. Fortunately or unfortunately the Rain Gods decided to interfere.

After a lot of ado, the match resumed and DD was given a new target of 70 runs to be completed in 6 Overs. Rajasthan Royals did a good job in controlling DD’s batting line-up and taking wickets one after the other. At the end of the 6th over, DD could just manage 60/3.

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Rajasthan Royals won by 10 Runs

Second inning-  
Over 6 of 6: 60/3
In the 6th over DD makes – 10 runs and loses Vijay Shankar as he gets caught by Stokes.  Ben Laughlin returns for his second over. Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease. Morris manages a 4 and a six in the last two balls, unfortunately, that’s a bit too late.  Morris 17(7), Shankar 0(0)
Over 5 of 6: 46/3
In the 5th over DD makes – 10 runs and loses Panth as he gets caught by Gowtham.  Jaydev Unadkat returns for his second over. Morris and Panth manage to hit a boundary each but then he is the latter is gone.Vijay Shankar comes to the crease   Morris 7(4), Shankar 0(0)
Over 4 of 6: 36/2
In the 4th over DD makes – 7 runs, unfortunately losing Maxwell 17(12) as he is caught by Buttler. Ben Laughlin comes into the attack. Chris Morris comes to the crease.  Morris 2(2), Pant 10(7)
Over 3 of 6: 29/1
In the 3rd over DD makes – 14 runs.Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack. Maxwell finally managed a much-required 4, a huge 6 and a 4 again in the last three balls. Maxwell 17(11), Pant 10(7)

Over 2 of 6: 15/1
In the 2nd over DD makes – 5 runs. Dhawal Kulkarni comes into the attack.  Pant 10(7) Maxwell 3(5)

Over 1 of 6: In the first over DD – 10 /1, Maxwell and Munro came to crease but Munro had to leave owing to a runout at the first ball itself. Krishnappa Gowtham opened the attack. Rishabh Pant comes to the crease as Munro departs. Pant manages to hit two fours, giving DD a good start. Pant 9(4) Maxwell 1(2)

Revised Playing Conditions – 6 overs per side match, PP of 2 overs, All bowlers can bowl maximum 2 overs, Target: 71

After the rain interruption, the game will resume again at 11:55 IST.  Delhi will have 6 overs and 10 wickets to get their target of 71 runs.

Over 17.5 – in the over so far RR tries to maintain the pace with8  runs, but Buttles is gone taking their total to 153/5. Mohammed Shami comes back for his 4th over. Buttler started the over with 6 and soon gets bowled. Krishnappa Gowtham comes to the crease. Rahul Tripathi 15(11), Krishnappa Gowtham 2(11)

Over 17 – At the end of 17th over RR manages a good 18 runs taking their total to 144/4. Chris Morris comes back into the attack. First Tripati hits a 6 and then Buttler follows with a 6 and a 4.  Joss Buttler 23(13), Rahul Tripathi 15(11)

Over 16 – At the end of 16th over RR improves by making 9 runs taking their total to 126/4. Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack. Joss Buttler 13(10), Rahul Tripathi 8(9)

Over 15 – At the end of 15th over RR has marginally slowed down and just made 4 runs taking their total to 117/4. Mohammed Shami comes into the attack. Joss Buttler 10(8), Rahul Tripathi 3(5)

Over 14 – At the end of 14th over RR just made 5 runs and lost the captain Ajinkya Rahane’s 45(39) wicket taking their total to 113/4. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. Rahul Tripathi comes to the crease. Joss Buttler 7(4), Rahul Tripathi 1(2)

Over 13 – At the end of 13th over RR made 8 runs taking their total to 108/3. Mohammed Shami comes into the attack. Rahane started the over with consecutive 4’s and then slowed the momentum with dot balls. Ajinkya Rahane 42(37), Joss Buttler 7(4).

Over 12 – At the end of 12th over RR gears up with 9 runs taking their total to 99/3. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. Joss Buttler beautifully commands the ball all through the over. Ajinkya Rahane 33(31), Joss Buttler 7(3).

Over 11 – At the end of 11th over RR makes a steady 6 runs but loses Sanju Samson 37(22) wicket at the very last ball taking their total to 90/3. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. Joss Buttler joins Rahane to continue the game forwards. Ajinkya Rahane 29(27), Joss Buttler 0(0).

Over 10 – At the end of 10th over RR makes 7 runs taking their total to 84/2. Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack. Rahane sends the 3rd ball across the crease. Ajinkya Rahane 29(27), Sanju Samson 33(18).

Over 9 – At the end of 9th over RR makes 15 runs taking their total to 77/2. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. Samson starts the over with a banging 6 and a 4. Ajinkya Rahane 24(23), Sanju Samson 31(16).

Over 8 – At the end of 8th over RR makes 4 runs taking their total to 62/2. Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack. Ajinkya Rahane 21(21), Sanju Samson 18(11).

Over 7 – At the end of 7th over RR makes 7 runs taking their total to 58/2. Mohammed Shami comes into the attack. Rahane starts the over with a stylish 4. Ajinkya Rahane 19(19), Sanju Samson 17(8).

Over 6 – At the end of 6th over RR makes 8 runs taking their total to 51/2. Chris Morris comes into the attackAjinkya Rahane13(14), Sanju Samson 16(7).

Over 5 – At the end of 5th over RR makes 15 runs and losses n important wicket of ben stokes at 16(12) taking their total to 47/2. Trent Boult comes into the attackSanju Samson replaces stokes on the crease. He manages to make 11 runs in 4 balls with a two 4’s and a 6. Ajinkya Rahane 10(11).  

Over 4 – At the end of 4th over RR makes 9 runs taking their total to 28/1. Chris Morris comes into the attack. Stokes manages a big 6 on the 4th ball. Ajinkya Rahane 6(10) and Ben Stokes 16(11)

Over 3 – At the end of 3rd over RR is 14/1. Boult comes into the attack. Stokes manages a 4 on the third ball.  Ajinkya Rahane 6(9) and Ben Stokes 7(6)

Over 2 – At the end of 2nd over RR is 14/1. Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. D Arcy hits a 4 in the very first ball and then loses his wicket owing to a Run Out due to a mix-up.  Ben Stokes, left handed bat, comes to the crease.  Ajinkya Rahane 6(7) and Ben Stokes 2(2)

Over 1 – The home team makes a steady start with 6 runs without any loss. Boult opens the attack for Delhi. Ajinkya Rahane made 5 runs in 5 balls and D Arcy Short made 1 runs in 1 balls.

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RR – Playing XI 

Ajinkya Rahane(c), D Arcy Short, Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Rahul Tripathi, Jos Buttler(w), Krishnappa Gowtham, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat, Ben Laughlin

DD – Playing XI 

Glenn Maxwell is back in the team and is joining the team straight away.

Colin Munro, Gautam Gambhir(c), Shreyas Iyer, Glenn Maxwell, Rishabh Pant(w), Vijay Shankar, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Nadeem, Trent Boult, Mohammed Shami

Game Preview

The match no.6 of Indian Premier League is an opportunity for both RR and DD  to redeem themselves from the loss they suffered in their respective openers against Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab. Rajasthan boasts the most expensive players of this season but none of them proved their worth in the first match. DD did perform slightly better, but certainly not a match-winning performance. Both the team has to pull up their socks if they want to sustain in this battle of the best.

The Royals have a big advantage of playing at their home ground in Jaipur. For one RR boasts a good win percentage of 72.24 at this ground. Secondly, we can expect a hoard of cheerers and supporters for the home team.

But no amount of fan love and stats can win the game for them if RR’s powerful batting line including Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, and D’Arcy falls short of showing their prowess. Delhi has to learn from the hit that they received by KL Rahul’s record-breaking fifty and tighten their balling lineup.

In a way, it’s quite a conundrum that in their last match RR’s strength was fielding and batting failed to impress; while DD’s weakness was fielding and strength was batting.

The battle can only be won by a team who can strengthen their weaknesses and stay true their strength.