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IPL 2018, KXIP vs SRH Live Cricket Score: Watch Kings battle Sunrisers live at Hotstar and Star Sports

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IPL 2018, KXIP vs SRH: In Indian Premier League’s battle of Best vs Best Kings XI Punjab faces the table-toppers SunRisers Hyderabad at IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali. Another great inning by Gayle 104(63) ensured SRH first loss of the season as Kings XI Punjab won by 15 runs.  Punjab now stands equal to SRH in terms of no. of victory 3(wins) – 1(loss).

Match Summary

KXIP won the toss and decided to bat first, shocking many as SRH bowled in all its three winning matches. But let’s just say, the risk paid off well.

SRH’s bowlers as usual performed really well, but Gayle had other plans. His 104 off 63 balls contributed in placing a massive score of 193. Things Started looking grim for SRH when Dhawan was retired hurt in the first over itself.

None of the following batsmen could manage a good partnership to chase the target. Manish Pandey and captain Kane Williams did manage half-centuries but things did not work in SRH’s favor. At last SRH lost their first match of the season.

IPL 2018, KXIP vs SRH Live Cricket Score

KXIP wins the match by 15 runs.

KXIP Won the toss and decided to Bat First

KXIP – 193/3, SRH 178/4

Innings 2:

Over 20: 178/4, KXIP wins the match by 15 runs. In this over SRH manages 17 runs as Ashwin bowls a very last expensive over. Manish Pandey 57(42), Shakib Al Hasan 24(12)

Over 19: 161/4, In this over SRH manages 14 runs including a six by Manish. Mohit Sharma bowls an expensive over. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 33 runs in 6 balls. Manish Pandey 55(40), Shakib Al Hasan 10(8)

Over 18: 147/4, In this over SRH manages 13 runs including a boundary by Shakib. Barinder returns for his last spell with a no-ball and two wides. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 47 runs in 12 balls. Manish Pandey 44(36), Shakib Al Hasan 8(6)

Over 17: 134/4, In this over SRH makes just 4 runs and loses a wicket. Andrew Tye returns for his last spell and dismisses Hooda, as he is Caught by (sub)Manoj Tiwary.Shakib Al Hasan comes to the crease. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 60 runs in 18 balls. Manish Pandey 42(34), Shakib Al Hasan 0(1)

Over 16: 130/3, In this over SRH garners 12 runs including a boundary by Manish. Mujeeb returns to the attack. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 64 runs in 24 balls. Manish Pandey 38(30), Deepak Hooda 5(4)

Over 15: 118/3, In this over SRH garners 9 runs and 1 wicket as Williamson is Caught by Finch. Andrew Tye returns to do some damage control. Deepak Hooda comes to the crease. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 71 runs in 30 balls. Manish Pandey 28(25), Deepak Hooda4(3)

Over 14: 109/2, In this over SRH a 100 comes up with 13 runs. Fifty comes up for Williamson off 39 balls. Ashwin returns with another expensive over as Williamson takes advantage and hits a 6. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 85 runs in 36 balls. Kane Williamson 50(39), Manish Pandey 27(24)

Over 13: 96/2, In this over SRH garners 14 runs, including two boundaries by Manish. Mohit Sharma returns to the attack. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 98 runs in 42 balls. Kane Williamson 42(36), Manish Pandey 24(21)

Over 12: 82/2, In this over SRH makes 6 runs. Mujeeb spins an economical over. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 112 runs in 48 balls. Kane Williamson 41(35), Manish Pandey 11(16)

Over 11: 76/2, In this over SRH just 4 runs. Andrew Tye maintains pressure on SRH. Kane Williamson 37(31), Manish Pandey 9(14)

Over 10: 72/2, In this over SRH makes 4 runs. Mujeeb returns with a tidy over. Kane Williamson 36(28), Manish Pandey 7(11)

Over 9: 68/2, In this over SRH makes 11 runs. Ashwin returns and Williamson welcomes him with a maximum. Kane Williamson 33(24), Manish Pandey 6(9)

Over 8: 57/2, In this over SRH makes 5 runs. Mujeeb starts with an economical over. Kane Williamson 24(20), Manish Pandey 4(7)

Over 7: 52/2, In this over SRH garners 12 runs. Ashwin comes into the attack with an expensive over including two wides and a boundary by Williamson. Kane Williamson 21(17), Manish Pandey 2(4)

Over 6: 40/2, In this over SRH just 3 runs. Barinder returns with a tidy over. Manish Pandey comes to the crease. Kane Williamson 12(12), Manish Pandey 1(3)

Over 5: 37/2, In this over SRH 8 runs with the loss of another wicket. Mohit Sharma returns to the attack and Pathan welcomes him with a boundary. Mohit returns the favor as he bowled Yusuf 19(13) on the last. Kane Williamson 10(9),

Over 4: 29/1, In this over SRH 7 runs. Andrew Tye comes into the attack, Pathan sends his second ball across the boundary. Kane Williamson 10(8), Yusuf Pathan 12(8)

Over 3: 22/1, In this over SRH 4 runs. Barinder returns to the attack. Kane Williamson 9(6), Yusuf Pathan 6(4)

Over 2: 18/1, In this over SRH 16 runs with the loss of 1 wicket. Mohit Sharma comes into the attack and Williamson and Saha manages to sweep the ball for a boundary each. But Sharma soon gets Saha Bowled. Yusuf Pathan comes to the crease and starts his inning with a boundary. Kane Williamson 7(3), Yusuf Pathan 4(1)

Over 1: 2/0, SRH started with just 2 runs Saha and Dhawan are at the crease. Barinder opens the attack with a wide. Dhawan is hit on the elbow and goes off the field. Kane Williamson enters at his place.  Wriddhiman Saha 1(4), Kane Williamson 0(1)

Innings 1:

Over 20: 193/3, SRH needs 194 runs to win.  In this over KXIP grossed 13 runs. Rashid Khan returns for the last over of the inning. Finch redeems himself with a boundary and a six. Gayle 104(63), Aaron Finch 14(16)

Over 19: 180/3,  Chris Gayle completes his century off 58 balls, the first century of IPL 2018 and his 6th IPL hundred. In this over KXIP grossed 6 runs. Siddharth Kaul returns to the attack. Aaron Finch finally opens his account this season. Gayle 102(60), Aaron Finch 3(3)

Over 18: 174/3, In this over KXIP 10 runs with the loss of one wicket. Bhuvneshwar returns for his last over and sends Nair back to the pavilion as he is Caught by Dhawan. Aaron Finch comes to the crease. Gayle inches nearer to his century with a six on the last ball. Gayle 99(57), Aaron Finch 0(0)

Over 17: 164/2, In this over KXIP 13 runs including a huge six by Gayle and a boundary by Nair. Chris Jordan returns to the attack. Gayle 91(53), Karun Nair 30(19)

Over 16: 151/2, In this over KXIP 8 runs. Bhuvneshwar returns to the attack. Gayle 84(51), Karun Nair 25(15)

Over 15: 143/2, In this over KXIP 12 runs. Siddarth Kaul lets loose two boundaries by Nair. Gayle 78(47), Karun Nair 23(13)

Over 14: 131/2, In this over KXIP minces 27 runs all thanks to Gayle, as he takes Rashid Khan’s case with 4 consecutive six’s. This is Gayle’s highest against SRH – going past 76 off 38 in 2016 final. Gayle 77(45), Karun Nair 12(9)

Over 13: 104/2, In this over KXIP just garners 4 runs. Gayle started the over by completing his 23rd IPL fifty for Gayle this one is of 39 balls. Chris Jordan returns to the attack. Gayle 51(40), Karun Nair 11(8)

Over 12: 100/2, 100 comes up for KXIP with 14 from this overs. Shakib Al Hasan delivers an expensive over as Nair starts with a Six and Gayle follows suit.  Gayle 49(38), Karun Nair 9(4)

Over 11: 86/2, Siddarth Kaul knocks KXIP off balance as he sends Mayank home and gives just 4 runs. Mayank is Caught by Deepak Hooda. Karun Nair comes to the crease. Gayle 42(34), Karun Nair 2(2)

Over 10: 82/1, In this over KXIP makes 14 runs. Shakib Al Hasan could not rein down as Mayank manages a boundary and a 6. Gayle 40(31), Mayank Agarwal 18(8)

Over 9: 68/1, In this over KXIP makes 15 runs as Deepak Hooda could not repeat his spell. Gayle hits a 6 and Mayank follows with a boundary. Gayle 38(29), Mayank Agarwal 6(4)

Over 8: 53/1, In this over KXIP makes just 2 runs with the loss of 1 wicket. Rashid Khan draws his first blood as Rahul gets LBW. Mayank Agarwal comes to the crease. Gayle 31(26), Mayank Agarwal 0(1)

Over 7: 51/0, 50 comes up for KXIP as Deepak Hooda serves a tidy over with just 2 runs. Rahul 17(18), Gayle 30(24)

Over 6: 49/0, In this over KXIP makes 11 runs. Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack as Rahul manages to sweep two boundaries in the last two balls. Rahul 16(17), Gayle 29(19)

Over 5: 38/0, In this over KXIP makes 13 runs. Rashid Khan starts his spell and Gayle gets the better of him by two 6’s. Rahul 7(13), Gayle 26(16)

Over 4: 25/0, In this over KXIP makes 12 runs. Gayle is starting to warm up as Chris Jordan is milked for runs via a consecutive 6 and a 4. Rahul 7(13), Gayle 14(11)

Over 3: 13/0, In this over KXIP makes 5 runs. Bhuvneshwar returns and Rahul welcomes him with a boundary. Rahul 6(10), Gayle 3(8)

Over 2: 8/0, In this over KXIP makes 6 runs including a leg byes Boundary.  Chris Jordan comes into the attack. Rahul 1(5), Gayle 3(7)

Over 1: 2/0, KXIP has a slow start as Bhuvneshwar opened the attack. Rahul and Gayle are at the crease. Rahul 1(5), Gayle 1(1)

The will commence at 8:00 PM IST. Star Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of the tournament will telecast the match live. You can catch the live action at Hotstar.

Match Preview

One of the reasons that SRH has been unbeatable till now is its exceptional bowlers. With five specialist bowlers, they’ve been able to restrict the opposition to totals under 150 on each occasion.

But KXIP has Gayle and Rahul, who could make any bowler sweat, It would be interesting to see Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Billy Stanlake, and Rashid Khan battling with them.

SRH has bowled first in each of their three matches and restrict their opponents to a modest total. Thus, its batting line up with Wriddhiman Saha, Kane Williamson, Shikhar Dhawan, and Manish Pandey haven’t been tested against big totals. If the need arrives SRH will need them to make a big score.

To stop SRH in their track KXIP will look towards their captain Ashwin and the 17-year-old spinner Mujeeb ur Rahman. The two spinners have bowled 23 overs, for combined returns of 7-160 and a combined economy rate of 6.96 between them.

KXIP Playing XI

Axar Patel sits down the match due to a left thigh strain.

Lokesh Rahul (wk), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Yuvraj Singh, Aaron Finch, Karun Nair, Ravichandran Ashwin (c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

SRH Playing XI

Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Chris Jordan