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Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Live IPL Score: Watch Live at Star Sports.

IPL 2018 Live Score
IPL 2018 Live Score

Kolkata Knight Riders will take on Delhi daredevils at home, at Eden Garden, Kolkata at 8.00 PM. KK are coming onto this match after facing a loss in their last match, but Daredevils won their last match. Gautam Gambhir will be up against his opponent team, and the focus will be on him.

KKR has two IPL crown, the powerful competitor will look to turn a new chapter. Having lost both their opening games, Daredevils managed to regain their confidence. Only in their previous game KKR made three changes to their line-up. Hopefully they would go about change again.

KKR vs DD Live Cricket Score Online:

Match Summary

Delhi Daredevils won the toss and chose to bowl first. Kokata knight Riders registered a score of 200 runs on the board.

None of the Delhi Daredevils batsman could create their magic as the wicket kept falling in every over. Kolkata Knight Riders win by 71 runs to grab the second position on the points table.

Innings 2:

Over 15: 129/10, K Yadav takes the final wicket to all out Delhi Daredevils and register a win by 71 runs.

Over 14: 128(9) , Sunil Narine comes into attack. M Shami is taken by Russell. T Boult is the last man in. S Nadeem 5(7). T Boult 0(1).

Over 13: 125(8), K Yadav comes into attack. M Shami 6(4), S Nadeem 3(4).

Over 12: 118(8), Sunil Narine comes into attack picks up 2 important wickets of Morris and Shankar. 2 new men in. S Nadeem 1(1), M Shami 1(1).

Over 11: 114(6) , K Yadav comes into attack. Picks up the important wicket of Maxwell as Utthapa takes the catch. 15 runs from the over.  C morris 1(1), V Shankar 1(2).

Over 10: 99(5) , T Curran comes into attack. Takes the wicket of Tewatia. Glenn Maxwell 33(17). V SHankar 1(2).

Over 9: 90(4), K Yadav comes into attack and Pant caught at the boundary. Important wicket for KKR. Pant goes for 43(26). Tewatia is the new man in. G. Maxwell 25(14). R Tewatia 1(1).

Over 8: 81(3) , T Curran comes into attack. 12 from the over with a six and four. Pant 43(25) Maxwell 17(10).

Over 7: 69(3), Chawla comes into attack and isn’t welcomed by a 6 and a 4 by Pant. 13 from the over. R Pant 38(22), Maxwell 10(7).

Over 6: 56(3), Sunil Narine comes into attack. 11 from the over with 2 back to back fours by R Pant. Maxwell 9(6), R Pant 27(17)

Over 5: 45(3) , Mavi is back into attack. 7 from the over. Maxwell 8(5), R pant 17(12)

Over 4: 38(3) , Russell comes into attack. 2 fours for R Pant and 1 for Maxwell. 14 from the over. G Maxwell 4(2), R Pant 16(9).

Over 3: 24(3) , Mavi comes to bowl his spell. Gambhir is Bowled Out on the last ball. Important wicket for KKR as the DD Captain is back to the dough out. 3 wickets in 3 overs. Maxwell comes out. R Pant 7(5).

Over 2: 15(2) , Russell comes into the attack. Gambhir and Shreyas score a four on 2nd and 4th ball respectively. And here comes another wicket. Shreyas caught by Rana at slip. Goes for 4. Russell gives 2 consecutive wides. Long over. R. pant is the new man in. Gambhir 7(5), R Pant 0(1).

Over 1: 4(1) , P. Chawla comes to bowl the opening spell. Beautiful start as Jason Roy the danger man stumped on the wide ball. Gambhir 2(2), Shreyas 0(1).

Target for Delhi Daredevils of score 201 Runs in 20 over To register their win against KKR.

Innings 1:

Over 20: At the end of the 1st Innings KKR 200(9). R Tewatia comes up to bowl his final spell. Beautiful last over with 1 run and 3 wickets that curb KKR to 200. T Curran 2(3).

Over 19: At the end of 19th over KKR 199(6). Chris Morris comes to bowl his final over. End of N Rana’s Innings at 59(35) as Gambhir takes his catch. T Curran 1(1), S Gill 6(4).

Over 18: At the end of 18th over KKR 188(5). T Boult comes into attack. 50 comes up for N Rana. A Russell’s innings comes to an end as Boult bowls out his leg stump. a Russell 41(12). S Gill comes into attack and opens with a 4. N Rana also hits a 4. 11 from the over. N Rana 55(32). S Gill 5(2).

Over 17: At the end of 17th over KKR 177(4). M Shami comes to bowl his final over. Russell opens it with a six and 2 consecutive on the 5th ball and 6th ball. N Rana 49(29), A Russell 41(11)

Over 16: At the end of 16th over KKR 157(4). Chris Morris comes into attack. N Rana hits a 6 on the very 1st ball and 4 on 3rd ball. A Russell 22(7), N Rana 48(27).

Over 15: At the end of 15th over KKR 145(4). M Shami comes into attack. A Russell hits a 6 on 15.3 and 15.5 and 15.6. Expensive over for Shami with 22 runs. A Russell 21(5), N Rana 37(23).

Over 14: At the end of 14th over KKR 123(4). Chris Morris comes back into attack. D Karthik hits 2 consecutive fours and then gives away his wicket. D Karthik goes for 19 runs. Nitesh Rana hits a six on 13.5. N Rana 36(22). A Russell 0(0).

Over 13: At the end of 13th over KKR 108(3). M Shami comes into attack. N Rana 29(19), D Karthik 11(7).

Over 12: At the end of the 12th Over KKR 102(3). V Shankar comes to bowl his spell. N Rana hits a 4 on the 2nd ball. D Karthik hits a massive 6 on 12.4. N Rana 27(17), D Karthik 7(3).

Over 11: At the end of the 11th Over KKR 90(3). M Shami comes into attack. Takes the wicket of Chris Lynn in his very first over. Jason Roy takes the catch. Chris Lynn goes for 31. Dinesh Karthik comes into attack. N Rana 22(13), D Karthik 0(1).

Over 10: At the end of 10th over KKR 85(2). S Nadeem comes for his last over. N Rana hits a six and a four to take 14 runs from that over. N Rana 21(12), Chris Lynn 28(25).

Over 9: At the end of the 9th over KKR 71(2). R Tewatia comes to attack. Chris Lynn 27(24), N Rana 8(7).

Over 8: At the end of 8th over KKR 64(2). S Nadeem comes to bowl. Here comes a big blow to KKR as Utthapa returns to the stand. N Rana comes out to bat. Chris Lynn 27(24), N Rana 1(1).

Over 7: At the end of 7th over KKR 60(1). R Tewatia comes out to bowl his spell. Chris Lynn 25(21), R Utthapa 34(17).

Over 6: At the end of 6th over KKR 50(1). Nadeem comes to bowl. Gives 18 runs which make KKR reach 50. Chris Lynn 23(18), R. Utthapa 26(14)

Over 5: At the end of 5th over KKR 32(1). T Boult comes into attack and gives 3 fours. Chris Lynn 23(18), R. utthapa 8(8).

Over 4: At the end of 4th over KKR 19(1). S Nadeem comes to bowl his spell. Chris Lynn hits a 4 at the 3rd ball. Chris Lynn 15(16), R. Utthapa 3(4).

Over 3: At the end of 3rd over KKR 12(1). T Boult comes into attack and takes the wicket of Sunil Narine on the 3rd ball. R. Utthapa comes out to bat. Chris Lynn 10(12), R. utthapa 1(2).

Over 2: At the end of 2nd Over KKR 7(0). Chris Morris comes out in attack. Chris Lynn hits a 6 at the 4th bowl. Chris Lynn 6(11), Sunil Narine 1(1).

Over 1: T Boult begins with a maiden over. At the end of 1st over KKR 0(0). T Boult bowls a fantastic maiden over to Chris Lynn. Chris Lynn 0(6), Sunil Narine 0(0).

Delhi Daredevils playing 11

Jason Roy, Gautam Gambhir (c), Rishabh Pant (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer, Vijay Shankar, Daniel Christian, Rahul Tewatia, Amit Mishra/Jayant Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Trent Boult

KKR playing 11

Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Mitchell Johnson, Shivam Mavi, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav

Game Preview

Kolkata may not only hold an overall 12-7 advantage over Delhi, but have dominated their Eden Garden meetings by 6-1. Kolkata have won six of their last seven clashes against Delhi. KKR will be up against a strong DD team who took a fantastic win over Mumbai Indians in their last game. DD did not have a good start to the tournament as they lost their first two matches against KXIP and Rajasthan Royals.

Gautam Gambhir will be making his much-awaited return. He will be hoping that DD can continue to maintain the momentum. Both the teams openers are the biggest hitters of the game. One side will be the likes of Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine and Andre Russell. And the other side will be Jason Roy, Gautam Gambhir, Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell and Shreyas Iyer. So this will be the most interesting match of this season.