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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time together

Finally all has settled in the life of Kartik and Naira. The couple is enjoying some quality time on their Anniversary.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: All the troubles have ended on a good note, Kartik and Naira are no more upset with each other. They spend some beautiful moments together, but will everything remain all right as Naitik has fallen ill.

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Goon has his pointed towards Kartik and Naira when a gun shot is heard. Everyone gets shocked and worried about the couple. The goon has fallen on the ground as the Inspector has fired the gun on him.

Inspector wishes Naira and Kartik a Happy Wedding Anniversary. Manish and Naitik leaves the police to give statements. Rajshri and Swuarna leaves to visit the temple and thank god.

Kartik and Naira explain things to Dadi

Dadi thank God for saving everyone from this trouble and ask if everything is good between the couple. Kartik tells Dadi that sometimes smallest of things can create big issue like the henpecked thing.

He explains Dadi that he could have made her understand that better if she would have talker to him instead of Naira. He further explain her that he knows that she might have seen a lot of couples and their respective relationship. But every couple is different and is entitled to live on their own terms.

Dadi asks for forgiveness and tells them that she was trying to make things better not break them apart. Naira interrupts and tells her that they cannot imagine this and they would like to take care of every relationship of theirs.

They explain that loving and supporting one’s wife does not make someone a henpecked husband. Naira tells her that Kartik is a true life partner. Dadi somehow still doen’t agree saying that society doesn’t accept this.

When Kartik suggests her to make the society understand then; she just deviates the question by telling Kartik and Naira to enjoy their anniversary happily.

Everyone Celebrate their Anniversary

Kartik and Naira celebrate their anniversary at the ghat with everyone. They pray that whatever problem may arrive they can fight it out together.

They cut cake and Naira smears it on Kartik’s face and Kartik runs after her to do the same. When Manish asks Dadi if she happy now, she just questions when will they grow up.

A decorated boat arrives with Kaira written over it. Swuarna tells them that they will leave for Udaipur tomorrow, the couple should enjoy their special day today.

They board the boat and leaves waving to everyone. Naitik suddenly starts feeling uneasy.

Kartik and Naira enjoy some time alone

Kartik and Naira are sitting in snow with a tent by their side. They celebrate their anniversary happily.

Naitik continues to feel dizzy. Nobody observes this and go upstairs. Stumbling Naitik takes out his pill box and drops them. He thinks how should he pick them up as he can’t even call for help.

Naira asks Kartik if they were correct in what they told Dadi. Kartik exhales out and explain her that firstly she has to convinced that their relationship is just theirs. Naira asks for forgiveness for all the trouble she has caused.

Kartik makes her promise that from now onward nothing will come between them.No doubt, no ego not even Family, as we can’t keep the family happy if they are not happy among themselves. The couple happily romances and dances in the scenic place.

Natik is lying on the floor helplessly, he hears Rajshri on a call some distance away.


Naira gets a call. She says we are fine, you can sleep peacefully, what happened to dad. She gets shocked.