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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik manages to save the kids, but not himself

Kartik and Naira are missing while the family learns the truth about the Priest.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 March: Kartik suspects the goon and manages to save the kids from them. But the goon hits him on the head. Naira feels something is wrong with him and try to find him. The real face of the priest comes out in front of the family.

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Naira leaves the pooja

Naira sees Kartik leaving in hurry and suspects something. She runs after him without telling anyone about it. Everyone get’s worried about Kartik and Naira and pray for their safety.

The goons manage to get hold of Kartik and put him in a Van along with the Kids. Naira drives a jeep and follows the van. The Jeep stops in between and Naira tries to start it.

Kartik assures the Kids he will save them, while Biju makes fun of him. He tells them that Swami Ji (priest), has taken the money and the kids have to be delivered today. Kartik manages to hit the driver and release all the kids. He asks them to run, while the goons hit him on the head and he faints.

The Kids Inform Police about it

Naira manages to start the jeep and drives hastily. She spots the kid and asks what happened. The kid tells her everything, she tells them to go to ghat and inform her and Kartik’s father about it.

Naira leaves to find Kartik and finds an empty car. She sees his sleeper around the car and runs towards the icy area to find him.

The kids tell Manish and Naitik everything and they inform the police. everyone gets worried about both of them and pray. The priest also worries about getting caught.

Naira can’t find Kartik

Naira runs around the snowy land shouting for Kartik. She cries saying, she can feel him somewhere near but still can’t see him. (we wonder about Naira’s radar this would be the third time she will save Kartik’s life from a critical situation) Naira falls and stumbles in the snow, losing her consciousness.

The family members discover that Priest is the culprit

The priest calls Biju and shouts at him for spoiling everything. Biju tells him he has handled Kartik, by burying him in the snow. He will long dead before anyone can discover him. Biju tells Priest that the delivery will be delayed but will be done today itself.

Everyone is worried about the kids when Dadi tells the Priest that she can do anything for the Kid. The priest tells them that the life of their kids is in his hands and he is the puppeteer of this whole drama. Everyone is shocked to the core on hearing this.

Manish gets angry on this and is about to beat the Priest. The priest cunningly says that he will destroy their family if he is hurt even in the slightest manner.

Naira spots Kartik

Naira gains consciousness and starts shouting and finding Kartik again. She prays to God for a sign and stumbles upon a rope. She spots Kartik inside a snow figure and shouts for him.


Naira manages to get Kartik out of the snow figure and shouts for help.