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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Kartik is still upset with Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2018: Kartik is not letting his anger go and Naira cannot understand how to convince him. The family members also try their level best to bring the couple closer.

Dadi is Upset

Kartik leaves and Naira is left behind calling for her. He walks off and Naira keeps following him, but he doesn’t stop.

Dadi is very upset when Rajshri and Swuarna comes and sit beside them. Dadi cries saying that she wanted all for good and have messed things up between Kartik and Naira. She throws a coin in the Ganga praying for the couple. A guy comes and returns a coin, indicating that Ganga Ji has accepted their plea.

Kartik and Naira

Kartik is stopped by a group of dancers and he sees Naira dressed as the dancer. She dances around him and touches her ear again and again. Kartik imagined the dancer as Naira, while she is standing behind him.
Kartik realizes this and tries to leave but the dancers surround him and Naira. A decorative garland falls on them and they remember how floral garland had fallen on them in past.
Naira leaves and then return to apologize one more time. She runs away after that and cries at the side of the road. Some masked goons approach her and she asks them to leave.
She tells them that she is Tina and no one in Rishikesh picks a fight with her. Except for two goons, everyone leaves and before Naira could do anything, Kartik arrives and hits them.
Kartik hit the goons until they manage to run away. Kartik and Naira start fighting again. He shouts at Naira, saying what will he do if something happens to her.

Shubham finds a Girl

Still upset over his mistake and Manish’s anger Shubham attends a party. He is drinking something and a girl is noticing his every move. She comes and dance in front of Shubham, grabbing his attention.

She sits next to him and address him as Mr. Goenka and then praises him about his down to earth nature and jovial nature. Shubham has fallen for this girl, who introduces herself as Suhana.

The Family members tries to Convince Naira and Kartik

The two goons approach Rajshri and Swuarna. They take their masks of and its Naitik and Manish. Both the men are in pain after all that beating from Kartik. They tell them that they will do anything to help the two make up.
Swuarna suggests that they should do what Dadi suggested, talk to them straightforwardly.
Naitik and Manish talk to Naira and the ladies talk to Kartik. They try to convince both of them to talk to each other. Both of them put their side of the story forward.
They suggest not to let this opportunity of their Anniversary go in vain. The couple thinks about it seriously.


Naira and Katik are in Aashram, the goons get nervous on seeing them. The Goons try to Kidnap the kids in the night and Kartik and Naira spots someone is in the Aashram.