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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Baby return back to her Parents

Kartik and Naira in a happy space as the tracks move towards Shubham's love life

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update Kartik and Naira looks after the lost baby

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 March: Kartik and Naira take care of the baby happily. The police find the parents and the kid leaves with them. Kartik and Naira think about their own baby. Shubham tells Swarna about Suhana and asks her to get him married. Everyone is excited to celebrate Holi.

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Kartik and Niara takes care of the baby

Kartik and Naira are sitting with the little kid and trying to make her sleep. They smell something bad and realize that the baby has passed stool. Both of them look at each other to do the cleaning.  They point a finger towards the baby to let her decide.

She chooses both of them. They change the kid’s diaper together and thinks how much they will miss her when she is gone.

Swarna consoles Shubham

Swarna asks Shubham why is he worried. She tells him that she can’t see him like this and let her help him. He remembers that she stood for him in front of Naira.
He decides to tell her but first takes a promise that she will help him. Shubham then tells her about Suhana and asks her to marry him to get at any cost. He further tells her that she has to do this to prove that she loves and cares for him as much as Kartik.

Baby’s day out is over

Kartik and Naira are playing with the kid. Kartik remembers telling Dadi that he does not want a baby. He tells Naira how foolish he feels for saying that in anger.
He now thinks how beautiful it would be to have a baby of their own. Naira tells him, she was thinking the same. They click a selfie with the kid.
Swarna comes and tells them that the police has found the baby’s parents. Kartik and Naira feel a little sad. Police tell them that the baby was stolen from a train.
Kartik and Naira handover the baby to her parents. Dadi is happy feeling her idea worked.

Kartik and Naira think about their own baby

Shubham thinks that he will surely meet Suhana tomorrow but not for the last time, but forever. Kartik and Naira remember the baby and think Holi will be more special because she was there.
Kartik suggests that they will try to have a baby of their own, that no one can take away from them before next Holi.

Swarna pledges to help Shubham

Swarna remembered Shubham’s word and prays to God. She asks for his help to fulfill Shubham’s request. She thinks she had ignored him from his childhood, this time she has to give him what he wants.

Kartik and Naira try to put color each other first

Karthik wakes up and sees Naira sleeping next to him. He takes some color and throws at her. There are a fake hair and pillow instead of Naira.
Naira laughs at him and throws color at him but he hides. They both try to color each other but couldn’t. They challenge each other about who would color whom first.

Naksh thinks of confronting Kirti

Naksh thinks how should he talk to Kirti about the money. He wants to tell her that he didn’t like what she has done and hidden from them. While he is contemplating he hears Baisa scolding her. Instead of keeping the sweets in airtight boxes Kirti had kept the sweets in designer boxes. Due to which ants are all over them.
Naksh tells them not to scold her, this is a genuine mistake. He tells them he will call for more sweets form Krishna. Naksh asks Kirti to not to spoil her mood as it’s their first Holi together. He takes some color and applies to her.

Naira and Kartik teases Dadi

Naira and Kartik apply tikka on Dadi’s forehead. They ask Dadi if they can put color on her. Dadi upfront says no, she doesn’t like it. While they try to convince Dadi for it, they run after her little.
Kartik tells Dadi, if Naira puts color on her he will also do the same. Swarna thinks if she should involve Naira for Shubham’s help. She turns the ideas down as it is Naira’s first Holi after marriage and she doesn’s want her to stress.
Kartik and Naira are enjoying teasing Dadi. Swarna approached Shubham and tells him that she will help him. Shubha gets happy.


Dadi loudly shouts Naira, surprising everyone. She signals Naira to come closer to her. Naira worriedly moves towards her.