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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 March 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Everyone celebrates Holika Dahan

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 March 2018: everyone is happy that finally, every trouble is over. Shubham’s new friend plans to trap him more and more into her plan. 

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Priyanka arrives at the function

Priyanka is Kartik and Naira’ special surprise. Naksh apologizes from Naitik and Priyanka for not trusting them. He tells them that Naitik needs both his BFF and his doctor.

Dadi still suspects there is more to this relationship but say nothing. Shubham approaches Naira and Kartik to apologize for his Divorce paper trick. He tells them that his intentions weren’t to hurt anybody. Kartik forgives him and hugs him, but Manish is not yet ready to pardon him.

A Game

Naira tells everyone that they will play a game. Everyone will have to write their mistakes on a paper. They will burn that in the Holy fire as a sign of bygones be bygones. Everyone can write freely as no one will cheat into each others chit.

Dadi recalls Kartik’s words about the henpeck husband matter and writes it down on paper. Swuarna writes that leaving her son Shubham alone was her biggest mistake and she will correct it now.

Aryan still feels guilty for creating trouble in Kartik and Naira’s life. He wishes Manish could forgive him soon. Naksh writes he should have been more attentive towards Naitik.

Kartik and Naira think they have done a lot of mistakes past few days. They peep into each others card and start fighting with each other. Devyaani stops them, they remember their promise of behaving maturely and hit each other with a rubber band as decided.

Suhana arrives at the Singhania’s

Shubham finally gets a call from Suhana. She informs him that she wants to meet him urgently and thus coming to Singhania house. Shubham feels a little hesitant thinking if someone spots her. But he soon gains confidence thinking that he loves her and isn’t afraid to tell everyone about her.

Suhana and his partner share a laugh at Shubham’s situation. An ill guy spots them on the bike and follows them. She calls he Ruby and has a picture of Suhana dresses as a bride in his hand.

Kartik and Naira continue their lovely bickering. Kirti’s chit drops and Naksh reads it in shock. It said that I (Kirti), regret lying to Naksh and family about the loss and the money given to dealer.

Everyone places their chit in the bowl. Baisa is worried that the wood logs are damp and mind not burn fully. Dadi worries that this is a bad omen, Baisa agrees and says who knows what new trouble is coming their way.

Suhana’s partner drops her at the house and leaves to wait for her near the market. The ill guy has managed to follow them till the house.

Naira spots somebody lingering outside the house and thinks who is she? Kirti questions Naksh as he looks lost, Naksh tells her he is fine.

Shubham meets Suhana outside the house and asks her if she is alright. She tells him she is fine, but she has to tell him something. Before she can say anything she spots the Ill guy coming their way. Scared she coughs and asks Shubham for some water.

While Shubham leaves to fetch some water, Naira comes. Suhana hides seeing her. The guy approaches Naira showing her a picture and asking her if she has seen his Ruby, who wears a bracelet.

Suhana sees her bracelet and hides further. A lady arrives and takes the ill guy away, telling Naira that he is her son. He is gone mad with trauma as his would be wife ran away with all the jewelry on the wedding day.

Naira ignores the incidence and tries to locate Shubham or the girl he was talking to. She is about to leave when a decorative piece is mistakenly knocked over by Suhana.

Naira comes to check the piece but Suhana has fled from there. She spots another fabric moving. Before she can go towards it Kartik arrives scaring her. Naira checks the place out but no one is there, Suhana has escaped. They hear a baby crying and move towards the noise.


Kartik and Naira finds a crying baby under a tree and protects her from a falling twig. They take her with them.