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‘The Royals’ Season 4 premiere recap: The fan favourite Jasper has been shot and left to die.

The Royals Season 4 premier recap.
The Royals Season 4 premier recap.

The Royals season 4 premiered yesterday alongside The Arrangement Season 4. The show begins right from where it ended in season 3. Liam is standing at Cyrus’s door asking for help while Cyrus points his gun at Liam. He does fire but misses his aim. Liam then explains why he was there. He informs about his suspicion that his brother Robert had paid Ted to kill his father. He wanted Cyrus’s help to prove that. Though Cyrus is not convinced Liam remains adamant as his intention is to defeat his brother.

Helena angry on Robert for removing Spencer from Job.

Helena is angry however Robert says he was protecting his mother by letting Spencer go. Robert asks Helena why everyone was thinking so much worst about him. Colin York who is an important voice in parliament has come to city. Helena thinks Robert is going to pimp her where Robert says:

“I have an issue with you sleeping with the help, not sleeping with people who can help,”

The master plan.

Liam and Cyrus have been partying for 8 weeks and Liam thinks they have wasted a lot of time. On the other hand Cyrus was plotting all the time. The hotel where they used to party employed a waitress who was the daughter of a banker. Robert might have used her to pay Ted. Cyrus asks Liam to get closer to the waitress to take out the information from her.

Jasper shot while protecting Robert.

Robert was addressing a rowdy crowd in south London. Though his speech was inspiring the atmosphere was still volatile. Jasper advises Robert that they should leave now when the firing starts. Jasper tackles Robert but himself got shot. Elenor tests Jasper that she was home and couldn’t wait to see Jasper. But the message doesn’t get replied. How could it as Jasper was shot and was lying on the podium bleeding. Things don’t look good fitness him.

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