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T.I. and Tiny’s 23 month old daughter is super cute and super Genius.

T.I. and Tiny’s 23 month old genius daughter.

T.I. and Tiny’s youngest daughter Heiress is Super cute as well as Super Smart. In fact mommy Tiny has captured Heiress showing Off her ABC Skills in a cute video which will leave you amazed. Read more for details.

About the video.

Singer and Sing Writer Tameka Harris (Tiny) is sharing some my time with her 23 month old Bundle of Joy and captures this wonderful exercise with Alphabets and colours. The little Heiress is beauty with Brains and her super sweet voice is well deserved for the cute little angel which she has Inherited from her parents. Watch the super cute video here to relax and energise yourself.

Tiny has posted the video on Instagram and captioned it as:

“While I’m celebrating @officialxscape #Xscap3 new ep I had to take a small break & celebrate my smart baby @heiressdharris. She wows  me everyday with something new! My Sunshine.”

In the video Tiny refers to toy alphabets lying on the floor and asks the little genius to identify and she nails it right every single time. She points at the floor and asks what the pink one is and Heiress cutely replies ‘I’. Again she asks Heiress to give her letter P, T etc and every time she gives the correct one. The video is very relaxing to watch.

Heiress turns 2 this month.

Heiress is very cute and adorable and she turns 2 years old on 26th of March. Despite their relationship problems it has been reported from sources that Tiny and T.I. are planning for Heiress’s big day. They are going to throw a big birthday bash in Atma and will be inviting friend and family. T.I. and Tiny tied the knot in 2010 after 9 years of dating. However they are facing relationship issues and have filed for divorce in 2016.

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