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‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine is helping Maddie in her long labor.

Sister Wives 11th March preview.
Sister Wives 11th March preview.

Here is the exclusive preview of the 11th March episode of ‘Sister Wives’. Maddie is having a tough time with a long difficult labor when Christine steps in. See how Christine tries to Sooth Maddie in her labor.

Maddie Brown’s long labor.

Maddie Brown is all set to welcome her baby. But the baby has his own sweet will. The baby is playing around with momma not ready to come out giving Maddie a long painful labor. Her father Kody Brown revealed that Maddie was going through it for a long time. Maddie is seen sitting in the bath when her mother Janelle informs her that her father was getting Christine Brown, fellow sister wife.

Maddie’s relationship with Christine.

Though it might be a problem for some mother to have another lady besides her daughter during this Crucial time, Janelle says appreciates Maddie’s love for Christine. She say:

“I have never really ever thought twice about the relationship Maddie has with Christine. When the kids were little, I worked a lot of hours, and Christine was kind of the one to hold it together at home. Like, really, in a lot of ways, Christine was that person who created their life around when I was gone. My children all have a very strong bond to Christine.”

Christine is excited to help Maddie through her labor. Maddie is tired and exhausted but Christine reassures that is ok as she is just trying to hold on as the baby takes her time.

Synopsis of the 11th March Episode of the reality show ‘Sister Wives’.

Maddie Brown, Janelle’s eldest daughter is getting ready to deliver her first baby, but the baby is taking her own sweet time. While they are waiting Kody informs that he is going with Meri to see the bed she wants to buy. Soon when they return Maddie starts getting regular contractions and they call the midwife. Maddie is seen in good spirits. It’s already late evening. The midwife advises Maddie to go to sleep if she an. It’s morning and still there is no baby. The contractions gets severe as the day progresses but it is still very slow. Maddie gets ready for the water birth, the way she wanted to deliver her baby and the contractions go severe but there is still no baby.

Watch out the episode of Sister Wives Sunday 8 pm on TLC.

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