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Rising Star Season 2, 4th March 2018 Live Update: A tribute to Sridevi continues. Vote for your favourite contestant on Voot.

Rising Star Season 2 Live

Rising Star Season 2 4th March 2018 Live Update: The Rising Star 2018 season 2 is a unique show where you are the judges and your votes decide who will go further and whose journey will end. The show has already got their Top 14 of which  Hoshiyaar Brijwasi had to leave the show yesterday. Today your votes will be deciding Top 12. The unique show has a concept of live voting wherein you can vote for your favourite contestant or favourite performance during their live performance.

Rising Star Season 2 A tribute to Sridevi. How to Vote on Voot.

The sad demise of Sridevi has left the nation in a state of shock and this week episodes are specially dedicated to the Legendary actress Sridevi.

You can vote live for your favourite contestant or favourite performance live on Voot. For voting you need to download and log in to Voot App. Voot App is available for both AppStore as well as Playstore. While the live performance is going on if you like the performance then swipe right to vote in the favour of the contestant.

Live update on the 4th March 2018 Episode.

Kavita Krishnamurthy is the guest for tonight for the tribute to Sridevi episode.

The show begins with the Afreen Group dedicating a song to Sridevi in their unique style.

Afreen Group 85% votes.

Vishnumaya Safe with 93% votes.

Shashank Shankar scores 88% votes to be safe tonight.

Zaid Ali scores 90% votes and succeeds in raising the wall.

Sagar Mhatre fails to raise the wall with just 51% vote.

Hemant Brijwasi scores whopping 93% votes.

And it’s time for the last performance of the  night.

Dr. Sudeep Safe with 78% votes.

Sagar Mhatre has to leave the show tonight for lowest votes.

With this only top 12 remains on the platform of Rising Star 2.

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